5 Benefits of Hair Serums

Hair serum is a new-gen hair care product. It was initially launched to manage the frizz and help keep the hair untangled. The Indian consumer scene has a substantial number of players now. When you pay attention to the back labels, most of the products contain silicone-based ingredients. The rest of the ingredients are usually in very small quantities and will possibly comprise of 5-7% of the overall volume. The benefits that most competitors promise, over and above the ability to manage frizz and making hair smooth, are usually based on the additional ingredients. But you must know that their impacts will be fairly limited as their presence is limited.  So it is best to read the fine print and decide for yourself whether you want an additional product for the price you pay.

Always shampoo hair before serum is applied. Once the hair is absolutely clean, towel dry it and while moisture is left, apply the serum. The serum needs to be evenly spread all over the hair and preferably on each strand.  The silicone in the serum is what creates a protective layer on the hair strand. This coating is waterproof and makes the appearance of the hair very smooth and shiny. It is this smoothness that helps in hair management.

Let’s summarise on how it helps the hair

#1 Weatherproofing

Many times, hair just poofs up when you step out in the sun or in a hot place. The frizzy and dry hair especially reacts to heat and spoils the styling.  The ceramides and silicones in Mesmara’s Argan Hair Serum form a protective layer around the hair strands. Since silicones and ceramides have a high heat resistance; they protect the hair and keep the heat locked away.

#2 Shiny and flowing hair

Hair serum makes the hair smooth and shiny. This makes hair management very easy. It is very easy for the stylist to work on the hair and the hair stays looking fresh. Some of the products have essential oils too, they help nourish and improve the shine of the hair in the process too.

#3 Reduces dryness

Dry hair is quite difficult to manage and for a stylist it can be very frustrating.  Moreover, it shows up the dullness. Serums can provide relief to people who have dry hair. Apply the serum while your hair is still moist, this will lock in the moisture and leave you with a silky finish, luminous shine, and touchable softness without leaving hair greasy.

#4 Protection from pollutants

As we step out for work or play, the dirt and pollution affect the hair. Coupled with the oiliness of the scalp, they stick on to the hair strands and weigh it down. The serum helps in managing this. The smoothness of the hair and presence of very little oil keeps the hair clean and manageable.

#5 Reduces breakages

With regular use of serum, hair gets easier to comb and completely free from tangles. They remain healthier and stronger and consequently reduce breakages.

Mesmara Hair Serum

As you feel tempted and are planning to start off on the serum, do note these are temporary fixes. You will never be able to change the inherent texture of the natural hair you were born with. Also, with any artificial product excessive use is counter-productive. The serum best suits people with dry hair and a lot of frizz. If you have oily hair, experiment with very little amounts to check before you commit to it. Also remember, moisturizing and nourishing your hair with natural products is the best way to keep your hair healthy, do not neglect that regimen as that is irreplaceable.

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