Mesmara Edible Sweet Almond Oil (100% Pure and Cold Pressed) 100 ml for Skin, Hair and Internal Consumption

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Cold Pressed Edible Oil For Internal Consumption

100% Pure Oil Cold Pressed from Sweet Almonds.Use it for direct consumption, cooking or on salads. Unlike other brands, our oil is cold pressed using and traditional wood press from the almonds of the sweet almond tree. It’s non-GMO, allergen and hexane-free, and has no added fragrance or synthetic ingredients.

Natural Body Oil For Soft Skin & Improved Complexion

If you’re looking for an almond body oil for dry skin, you’ve found it. Our oil nourishes skin naturally, embracing you with skin-loving vitamin E and nutrient-rich fatty acids to lock-in moisture. You can also use almond oil for hair and nails, adding a few drops to your DIY serums, eye creams, or apply directly to your nails and cuticles for a burst of natural, nourishment.

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