Want To Create A Healthy Lifestyle! Improve Your Immunity & Belly Fat-Loss by using Cold Pressed Oils and Other Naturals Products

Reach out to Celebrity Nutritionist Vijay Mangam. He has helped several individuals and Celebrities lead a Healty Life style by incorporating Cold Pressed Oils and other Healthy food Choices

About Vijay Mangam

Fat-Loss expert and founder of Healthy Fat-Loss Hub.

Vijay’s Goal is to help 100,000 people improve their immunity & fat-loss using the power of Healthy Lifestyle.

By education and experience, Vijay is a Metallurgical Engineer and Businessman.

Vijay did his Advanced Metallurgy in The University of Sheffield.

Out of passion, Vijay went on a mission to Re-educate himself on nutrition and fitness. Now he is a  certified Precision Nutritionist encouraging 1000’s of people all over the world to eat healthily, stay fit, and adopt a healthy lifestyle irrespective of the profession or work atmosphere.

Vijay will help show you:

  • Sustainable eating habits and fitness that last 365 days a year
  • To make fitness and health a part of your lifestyle, NOT just for an occasion
  • To become a stronger, leaner and more confident version of yourself
  • Providing accountability and support through Healthy Fat-Loss Hub

Register for Free Coaching to start your Healthy Lifestyle journey, you can also reach Vijay thru is Healthy Fat-Loss Hub or drop an email at connect@vijaymangam.com