2 Healthy Tea Time Snacks You Can Enjoy Regularly

Healthy Tea Time Snacks

Healthy Tea Time Snacks Teatime calls for some mouth-watering snacks. But if you are health conscious you might be keeping away yourself from indulging in some lip-smacking snacks because we usually associate tasty snacks with lots of oil and fried stuff. We understand you perfectly and hence we have brought you recipes of two healthy […]

6 Winter Care Tips For Dry Skin

Winter Care Tips For Dry Skin

After the wet rainy days, many of you wait for the energizing strolls of a winter morning. However, one must remember, even though the sun rays are soft and gentle, Winter as a season can wreak havoc on your skin. Winters are known to make the skin dry, itchy, and irritated. Even if you stay […]

6 Beauty Secrets Of Hollywood Stars

Beauty secrets of Hollywood stars

How many times it happened to you… looking at the picture of a Hollywood stars and sighed deeply… wish you had the same beauty to die for? If you can relate to this, then you’re just not alone. There are many women out there just like you who think alike and long for flawless skin […]