We are a group of young entrepreneurs who want to bring the best natural products to your doorstep. Being environmentally conscious and aware of the damage caused by synthetic products, our search for natural products brought us to understand that there was a huge gap in the market for natural products. Existing ones were either too expensive, or did not carry authenticity. To bridge this gap we thought of building a brand which can bring 100% natural yet pocket friendly products. Mesmara was started during this quest and has grown from strength to strength. As more and more people are realising the value of natural products, it gives us a great sense of satisfaction to be part of a journey which helps in improving the health and wellness of many.
At Mesmara, we value authenticity. Our products have been awarded various certificates for quality and good production techniques. 


Aravindan Jayakumar

Aravind is all about technology, business and mega factories. He also loves automobiles and Formula One. Cricket and its trivia also interest him a lot.

Ragini Ravipati

Ragini is passionate about Wellness, Nature and Crafts. She loves to travel, explore and experience various destinations. A doting mother of two, she is an efficient multitasker and an overachiever. Recipient of many business awards including Enterprising women of the Year – 2013, Star Performer – 2014, Top Performer – 2015, Certificate of excellence – 2017 and Best Startup Award (She Achiever) – 2019.

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