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Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Apply Sunscreen Every Day

Mesmara Sunscreen

Winter season is still here and we are talking about sunscreens, sounds out of place, right? The answer is in the product’s name itself, “Sunscreen”. It has nothing to do with summers; it created to protect your skin from the harmful UV effects of the sun rays. You are lazing on a sunny beach, trekking […]

5 DIY Home Remedies For Winter Maladies

Mesmara Winter Remedies

When the weather is cold, sicknesses seem to have a ball. You are often buried under sheets of blankets fighting that common cold, cough, congestion etc. Skin problems are also aplenty – cold sores, chapped lips, cracked feet to name a few. While is it important to show to a doctor if your problems are […]

Top 6 Hair Care Tips for Bride To Be

Mesmara Hair Care

Wedding day is a very important day in a girl’s life. Marriage is a journey of a lifetime second to none. A journey towards love, togetherness and abundant happiness. It is a life-changing experience that calls for an equally grand appearance. The preparation for a wedding is extensive and there is no room for mistakes. […]