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5 New Year Resolutions To Take For Your Health

New Year Resolutions

This is that time of the year when we start to think about new beginnings.  When the holiday period starts, we get time to spend dedicatedly with our family and close ones. It is the time when everyone is together and between all the fun and frolic, we have those long discussions and introspections. It […]

Winter Care – 7 Tips for Oily Skin

Mesmara Winter Care

Winters are harsh for every skin type. Skin needs a good care all through this season. Though it is thought that only dry skin needs special care during winters and oily skin remains well nourished during winters, the fact is that oily skin is equally affected. However, the impact may not be felt immediately. During […]

5 Superfoods for Glowing Skin

Mesmara Super Foods

Women often rely on beauty and skin care products to enhance their looks. We are all, at some point in time, guilty of hoarding many beauty products which burnt a hole in our pockets and yet haven’t served their purpose. Contrary to the common belief, beauty is not just skin deep. What goes inside our […]

Christmas Special – 5 Makeup Looks To Go With Red Dress

Mesmara Christmas

It’s the time of year when everyone is celebrating. It’s the holiday season and Christmas season. Shops are dressed up and ready to usher in the season, children are ready with their list for Santa Claus, and everyone is ready to enjoy the last few days of the year. The trees are up, and the […]

Natural Lip Tints And How To Make Them

Mesmara DIY

Many poets and songwriters have described the beauty of lips and their alluring mystery. One of the all-time favourites is Lucky lips, it was a song that Cliff Richard made famous in 1963. Remember the lips you had at 15-16, anyone would die to get the same lips back. Oh! so sexy, truly soft and […]