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Mesmara Top 10 Articles of 2019

Mesmara Top 10

Mesmara Top 10 The year 2019 is about to end, and a new decade is about to start. For us @ Mesmara, 2019 was all about reinventing ourselves. While we have been a prominent manufacturer of essential oils and natural products, starting to manufacture cold pressed oils became a natural extension for us, as we […]

5 Most Common Beauty Woes Of Moms-to-be

beauty woes of moms-to-be

As they say – motherhood is bliss. Whether you are expecting your first child or the second one, you’re going through the most beautiful phase of your life probably. However, the hormonal changes may take a toll on your body and mind. As your body gets prepared to bring in to the world a new […]

It’s Christmas Time: 3 Unconventional Gingerbread Recipes

gingerbread recipes

Unconventional Gingerbread Recipes Almost all of you have read or sung the below popular rhyme in your childhood, isn’t it? That’s because gingerbread is to Christmas as Gujia is to Holi. If you’re celebrating Christmas, then at least few gingerbread recipes dessert have to be there on your Christmas menu. Oh, do you know the […]

5 Common Mistakes That Girls With Thick Hair Must Never Do

mistakes that girls with thick hair must never do

Mistakes that Girls with Thick Hair Must Never Do Do you love flaunting your thick curls or complain of having thick locks all the time? While girls with thin hair give you an envious look, only you will know how difficult it can get to manage thick hair and style them appropriately. If you too […]

Coconut Oil – Ease Your Wrinkles Away

coconut oil for wrinkles

Coconut Oil for Wrinkles Aging is an inevitable truth of life and it is best to embrace it gracefully. However, with every freckle and wrinkle on our face and skin, you could start to feel uncomfortable about it. You start getting conscious and try a dozen different remedies to get around it. Do you know, […]