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7 Uses Of Activated Charcoal Powder For Beauty And Health


Activated charcoal powder is back in vogue. For people who are not familiar with the usage of charcoal powder, here’s some information. Until about 3-4 decades back people were using this as tooth powder. As commercial and chemical based toothpastes took over the market, this traditional and natural product got lost. However, now consumers are […]

Activated Charcoal – The Wonder Product For Your Beauty Regime

Activated Charcoal Mesmara

Popular since 1550 B.C. as a powerful antidote to several poisons, activated charcoal is a magic product with many uses. Before we go into the details and discuss how it is used, let us learn more about activated charcoal first. What is activated charcoal? Well, the first thing to remember is that activated charcoal is […]