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10 Ideas for Natural Living

mesmara Natural Living

These days, any TV channel we switch on to, or any newspaper we read, we find news blaring from all the sides regarding overuse of plastics, and how our earth will be entirely covered with plastic pretty soon if we don’t mend our ways. So what’s this noise all about. Around 2 million single-use plastic […]

Facts About Keto Diet

Mesmara Keto Diet

Dieting is the act of restricting oneself to small amounts of food or special kinds of food in order to lose weight or to prevent/treat diseases such as diabetes. There are some diets which are characterised by highly restrictive food choices. Over the decades, several fad diets, such as the Atkins diet and the South […]

Activated Charcoal – The Wonder Product For Your Beauty Regime

Activated Charcoal Mesmara

Popular since 1550 B.C. as a powerful antidote to several poisons, activated charcoal is a magic product with many uses. Before we go into the details and discuss how it is used, let us learn more about activated charcoal first. What is activated charcoal? Well, the first thing to remember is that activated charcoal is […]

Health Benefits of Oil Pulling

Mesmara Oil Pulling

There is a school of thought which believes that our mouths store a lot of the bodily toxins. The belief is that these toxins can be washed away with the help of plant-based oils. The practice of holding certain oils and swishing them in the mouth for long-periods is called Oil Pulling. It is believed […]

How Coconut Oil Aids in Weight Loss

An oil that causes weight loss? It sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? A lesser known fact, but it is true that coconut oil aids in weight loss. Though it is not used much in cooking due to the flavour and aroma that it brings along, the oil has been used in Ayurveda for many […]