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Healthy Meal Plans For Kids


“Finish your breakfast!” “Don’t leave the veggies on your plate!” This is an everyday scene at Meera’s home. Her 5 year old is a picky eater which leaves Meera worried if her kid is getting enough nutrition. Making tasty yet healthy meal plans for kids is a daunting task for Meera. “Mom, I’m tired of […]

Recipe For Holi – Gujiya With Groundnut Oil – Mesmara Recipes


Holi is coming up and we cannot keep calm! This is one of the most celebrated festivals in India and from youth to old, everyone eagerly awaits throughout the year for this festival of color. However, no celebration is complete without traditional food and delectable. Holi is no exception. Gujiya is one such dish that […]

Holi Festival – Tips to Protect Your Hair and Skin


Drawing curtains on winter and welcoming the summers is the Holi festival. Everyone awaits unabated for this special day, especially the young ones. This is the festival when the town not just paints itself red but in all the colours that you can get hold off.   With the growing demand for colours, the industry […]

Top 5 Superfoods To Prevent Alzheimer’s


Nutrition is not just a diet, it is a way of life. Good nutrition can have a great impact on global health. Poor nutrition is the leading cause of many diseases like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, strokes, and certain types of cancers. Understanding ‘good nutrition’ is important in preventing many diseases and health conditions. […]