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How to Protect Your Child’s Skin from Swim Tan This Holiday Season

The summer holidays are what kids look forward to every year. The house is abuzz with discussions on who does what activity. Parents are busy planning indoor and activities that will keep the kids excited and occupied. An agenda item which is relatively constant is swimming. A daily trip to the pool is a must, […]

Summer Do’s and Don’ts for Skin

In the winter, we are extra careful about our skin. We are often reminded by our near and dear ones to keep applying the moisturizers and the balms to soothe our skin. The skin could generally cope up with the warmer part of the year. With time, the living environment has changed drastically; we have […]

2 Hero Ingredients in DIY Beauty Products

I still wonder how my mother has been managing to have a flawless skin even at in her 60’s. There are hardly any wrinkles and she has an envious natural glow. I have come across grandmas who have dense and long flowing hair. And I am sure you too would have come across many of […]