Mesmara Sweet Orange Essential Oil


Sweet Orange Oil – which should not be confused with the juice of the orange fruit (Citrus sinensis) – is extracted from the peel of the orange via cold-pressed extraction.

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Sweet Orange Oil:

  • Orange oil is an excellent moisturizer and is recommended for dry, damaged and brittle hair. Thirdly, orange oil well vitaminizes skin and hair, due to the content of vitamin C. Fourth, orange oil prevents hair loss as a way to strengthen the hair roots and stimulate their growth. As you can see, the usual orange oil can solve quite a large range of hair problems. So let’s learn how to use orange oil to the hair.
  • Perhaps the number one beauty benefit of sweet orange essential oil is that it has great oil control action! You can use it to reduce oil on your face oil control facial toner using orange oil.
  • Among the essential oils you can use for skin lightening, brightening and whitening is sweet orange essential oil! After all, it is extracted from the peels of oranges, which are known to have natural skin bleaching properties. Ensure to dilute sweet orange essential oil in a natural skin lightening product like argan oil or cocoa butter before applying it on your skin. Remember add 2 drops of sweet orange oil for every tsp of base ingredient.
  • The skin brightening effects of orange essential oil also help fade blemishes, acne scars, dark spots and more.

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