Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive OilMesmara Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a richest-tasting olive oil, distinguished by its golden colour. It has a bold, fruity flavour and medium grassy green hue. Enjoy it as a salad dressing, in marinades, for cooking meats, vegetables and rice, as a final touch of flavour to your favourite dish and so much more.

  • Contains No trans fats and No sodium
  • It’s a healthy substitution for other oils, with 34% less saturated fat and less calories per 1 oz. serving.

What is Mesmara Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Mesmara Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the fresh juice that is squeezed directly from the best quality olive fruit. To produce higher the quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is more healthier and tastier.

Mesmara Extra Virgin Olive Oil is natural and not refined or extracted using chemicals or heat, leaving it high in natural antioxidants and healthy fats which are beneficial for health.

The main difference between Mesmara Extra Virgin Olive Oil and other regular olive oils is how the oil is extracted from the olives. It is important to note that other olive oils (such as olive oil refined blends, light olive oil) are usually extracted using chemicals and heat and therefore do not have the same health benefits and flavour as Mesmara Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

How Is Mesmara Extra Virgin Olive Oil good for health?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the main source of fat in a Mediterranean style diet and nowadays used as a substitute for regular vegetable oils in Indian cooking.

  • Weight control – Evidence shows that people who consume a Mediterranean style diet usually have a lower body weight and are able to maintain it.
  • Heart health – the high levels of antioxidants found in Mesmara Extra Virgin olive oil can help to prevent and reduce diseases associated with the heart and blood vessels.

Why Choose Mesmara Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mesmara Extra Virgin Olive OilCold pressed – Mesmara Extra Virgin Olive Oil which has been cold pressed within 4–6 hours of harvesting the olives.

Mesmara Extra Virgin Olive has been produced using the first press for a better-quality oil with a richer flavour.

How to include Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the diet

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a delicious addition to salads, raw or roasted vegetables or pasta – in fact, adding some Extra Virgin Olive Oil to vegetables will usually make them taste better, so you may eat more of them!

You can cook with Mesmara Extra Virgin olive oil at standard cooking temperatures (120°C–200°C). High quality Mesmara Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a reasonably high smoke point, around 200°C –210°C.