Cedar Wood Oil

Cedar oil, also known as cedar wood oil, is an essential oil derived from various types of conifers, most in the pine or cypress botanical families .it is produced from the foliage, and sometimes the wood, roots, and stumps which have been left after cutting of tress for timber extraction.it has many uses in medicine, art industry and perfumery, and while the characteristics of oils derived from various species may themselves vary, all have some degree of bactericidal and pesticides effects,

cedar or cedar wood oils, the most important oils are produced from distilling wood of a number of different junipers and cypresses (of the family cuppressaceae),rather than true cedars (of the family panacea) Similar oils are distilled, pressed or chemically extracted in small quantities from wood, roots, and leaves from plants of the genera platycladus,cupressus,taiwania,and calocedrus.The cedar wood oil of the ancients, in particular the Sumerians and Egyptians was derived from the Cedar of Lebanon, a true cedar native the northern and western mountains of the middle east. The once-mighty Cedar of Lebanon forests of antiquity have been almost entirely eradicated, and today no commercial oil extraction is based on this species. One of the elements found in many cedar trees is cedrol.Depending on the amount of cedrol in a specific species of cedar can determine its pesticides effect on insects. Ancient Egyptians would use the oil from cedar trees in the embalming process, which in effect helped to keep the insects from disturbing the body.


There are many ways to incorporate cedar wood oil into your natural hair care routine. Here are some of the best ways you can use cedar wood essential oil for hair loss

Scalp Massage Oil:  Mix 1/4 cup of jojoba oil with 12 drops of cedar wood oil. Keep this in an amber glass dropper bottle and use it to massage your scalp every night. It will also help you relax, unwind and calm your mind so that you can get peaceful sleep, which is also important for healthy hair.

Shampoo with Cedar wood Oil :Add a few drops of cedar wood to your usual shampoo and wash your hair as always. Using a gentle sulfate free shampoo is recommended

Combing with Cedar wood Oil : Sprinkle a few drops of cedar wood oil onto your comb/hair brush and brush through your hair for about 2 minutes. This will help stimulate your scalp and increase circulation to the hair follicles, which will be nourished by the nutrients

Pain Relief :Cedar wood essential oil has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Shown Himalayan Cedar wood reduces pain and inflammation.

  • Take a hot bath with 5 drops of cedar wood essential oil.
  • Blend 8 drops cedar wood oil with 4 tsp carrier oil.

Heals Acne :Cedar wood essential oil can help to protect and heal your skin against unsightly acne. It inhibits the clogging of pores and protects it from invasion by toxic particles and bacteria.

Make a natural face wipe serum:-

  • 3 drops cedar wood essential oil
  • 3 drops lavender essential oil
  • 2 drops tea tree essential oil
  • 4 tsp jojoba carrier oil

Naturals Deodorizer :Cedar wood essential oil is reassuring and comforting as a natural deodorizer. Furthermore, it possesses a pleasant, wood-like scent. The oil adds a warm tone to any blend of perfumes or oil blends.

  • Add several drops to your favorite deodorant.
  • Create your own deodorant with cedar wood oil, baking soda and corn starch.
  • Furthermore, try adding several drops to a spray bottle with water and spray it around garbage cans and anywhere where musty smells can erupt.

Natural Insect Repellent : Cedar wood essential oil is a natural insect repellent as insects such as mosquitos and fleas hate the aroma.

  • Add 5 drops of cedar wood essential oil to an ounce of water in a spray bottle. Shake well before each use and spray on your skin and clothes. You can also add several drops of a carrier oil to the spray mixture to help absorb it into your skin easier.
  • Drop several drops on your pillow and bed sheets at night to repel insects while you sleep.
  • Spray inside your home, on screens and around doorways to keep fleas and other insects from entering the home.

Relieve Dry Scalp : Cedar wood essential oil encourages healthy blood circulation to your scalp and contributes to reducing any itching or drying that you might be enduring.

  • Add several drops to your shampoo and conditioner.
  • Or
  • Add 8 drops to a carrier oil and massage it into your scalp
  • Let it sit for 20 minutes then rinse it out


Treat Fungal Infections : Cedar wood essential oil is antifungal and antibacterial so it’s ideal for treating fungal infections such as athlete’s foot and toenail infections.

Massage Blend:-

  • 3 drops cedar wood essential oil
  • 3 drops tea tree essential oil
  • 3 drops lavender essential oil
  • 4 tsp carrier oil
  • Massage into the infected area

Oily Skin –Cedar wood can help even out oily skin complexions.


  • 4 drops cedar wood essential oil
  • 2 drops tea tree essential oil
  • 2 drops sandalwood essential oil
  • 4 tsp jojoba essential oil
  • Use on your face as a facial wipe with a cotton ball to help eliminate oily skin and unclog pores.


  • Please bear in mind that before using essential oils topically, they must be diluted with a carrier oil.
  • Furthermore, if you are pregnant you should not use cedar wood essential oil.


Available sizes are 15ml, 30ml, 50ml