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Three Healthy Office Snacks That You Will Love

healthy office snacks

Healthy Office Snacks Those of us who are in office jobs, know the importance of healthy snacks. What do you do when the 3 P.M. hunger pang strikes you hard? Packaged food is always an option that you can pick up from your office pantry, but if you’re health-conscious you must be looking for some […]

Satiate Your Sweet Tooth With These Healthy Fruit Desserts

healthy fruit desserts

Healthy Fruit Desserts If you consider fruit desserts sad and boring, then think twice. Fruits work great when you tuck them in your desserts. Be it a cake, pie, or frozen desserts, adding a punch of seasonal fruits can do wonders. Fruits are juicy, crunchy, and natural sweeteners – all of these work in harmony […]

Mesmara Top 10 Articles of 2019

Mesmara Top 10

Mesmara Top 10 The year 2019 is about to end, and a new decade is about to start. For us @ Mesmara, 2019 was all about reinventing ourselves. While we have been a prominent manufacturer of essential oils and natural products, starting to manufacture cold pressed oils became a natural extension for us, as we […]

It’s Christmas Time: 3 Unconventional Gingerbread Recipes

gingerbread recipes

Unconventional Gingerbread Recipes Almost all of you have read or sung the below popular rhyme in your childhood, isn’t it? That’s because gingerbread is to Christmas as Gujia is to Holi. If you’re celebrating Christmas, then at least few gingerbread recipes dessert have to be there on your Christmas menu. Oh, do you know the […]

2 Healthy Tea Time Snacks You Can Enjoy Regularly

Healthy Tea Time Snacks

Healthy Tea Time Snacks Teatime calls for some mouth-watering snacks. But if you are health conscious you might be keeping away yourself from indulging in some lip-smacking snacks because we usually associate tasty snacks with lots of oil and fried stuff. We understand you perfectly and hence we have brought you recipes of two healthy […]