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Natural Lip Tints And How To Make Them

Mesmara DIY

Many poets and songwriters have described the beauty of lips and their alluring mystery. One of the all-time favourites is Lucky lips, it was a song that Cliff Richard made famous in 1963. Remember the lips you had at 15-16, anyone would die to get the same lips back. Oh! so sexy, truly soft and […]

5 DIY Anti-ageing Face Masks

Mesmara Anti Ageing Face Mask

During childhood, people always want to grow up fast and take things under their own control. But as they get wiser and older they would rather want to stay young. What an irony this life is. You cannot clock back time, you can keep your bodily functions working and be mentally agile. Anti-ageing is the […]

5 Natural Ways To Get Soft Pink Lips

Mesmara Pink Lips

Rosy pink lips are not only a symbol of beauty, but also are pointers to your pink health too. The lips of chain smokers are prominently very dark in colour, while those who are anaemic have pale whitish lips. Such problems need to be tackled from within the body system. However, if you are maintaining […]

Winter Care – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment For Dry Skin

Mesmara Winter Care

Who hasn’t suffered from dry skin, especially in the harsh winter months! There are a lot of over-the-counter skin care products especially available for winter care, but most of them don’t suit our needs well. You might have also worried about what is causing the condition in the first place. If you are looking for […]

Pre and Post Halloween Skin Care

Mesmara halloween

Halloween is an out and out American festival. It is a day when they remember their dead. It’s a custom to walk around in costumes resembling ghosts. Kids dress up for Halloween and run to neighbours houses asking for Trick-or-Treat. Heavily made-up faces and sometimes body parts like hands and legs, painted to resemble the […]