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Pre and Post Halloween Skin Care

Mesmara halloween

Halloween is an out and out American festival. It is a day when they remember their dead. It’s a custom to walk around in costumes resembling ghosts. Kids dress up for Halloween and run to neighbours houses asking for Trick-or-Treat. Heavily made-up faces and sometimes body parts like hands and legs, painted to resemble the […]

Dandiya/Garba Ready – 5 Face Masks for Glowing Skin

Mesmara Dandiya Garba

The festive season is around the corner. Ladies from all age groups look forward to these 10 days full of fun and frolic, dancing to some of the best dandiya tunes. However, many might overlook the impact of the tiring days of dance practices which are ought to take a toll on the skin. To […]

Indulge in Chocolate – 5 Face Packs for Glowing Skin

Chocolate has always made the female gender happy. It is a symbol of love, happiness and self-indulgence and hence is called a girl’s best friend. Interestingly, the world has now discovered that not only does chocolate keep your taste buds happy, it is good for your skin too. Chocolate comes from cocoa and is packed […]

2 Hero Ingredients in DIY Beauty Products

I still wonder how my mother has been managing to have a flawless skin even at in her 60’s. There are hardly any wrinkles and she has an envious natural glow. I have come across grandmas who have dense and long flowing hair. And I am sure you too would have come across many of […]

Natural Ways to Protect Your Hair in Summer

Did you drop your plans for a dream vacation this summer, afraid of the scorching sun? Did you hold back from taking a dip in the swimming pool, afraid of damaging your long tresses? Do you hide behind the screen in your house and miss out all the fun in the summer months? If the […]