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DIY Shea Butter Face Masks For Everyone

shea butter face masks

Shea butter enjoys an ever-growing popularity in the cosmetics industry, mainly since it can be used in multiple ways. This miracle product comes from the seeds of Shea tree, which is indigenous to Africa. Shea butter is extracted from the seeds which are rich in oil. In this article we will share an overview of […]

Monsoon Hairstyles – Perfect Hairstyles To Flaunt This Season

monsoon hairstyles

What with the incessant rains this rainy season, everything looks and feels so gloomy! A gray, rainy day leaves not only the weather but also the mood gloomy. Are you experiencing the monsoon blues? But should we drown ourselves in the gloom and not see the brighter side of the monsoons? Have we forgotten our […]

6 DIY Cocoa Butter Face Packs For Everyone


We all want soft, glowing and flawless skin. There are plenty of ready-made products available in the market that promise you spotless skin. However, you need to understand that all skin types are not the same and hence there is no guarantee that you will benefit from a face mask if your friend is benefitting […]

5 DIY Home Remedies For Winter Maladies

Mesmara Winter Remedies

When the weather is cold, sicknesses seem to have a ball. You are often buried under sheets of blankets fighting that common cold, cough, congestion etc. Skin problems are also aplenty – cold sores, chapped lips, cracked feet to name a few. While is it important to show to a doctor if your problems are […]

Winter Care – 7 Tips for Oily Skin

Mesmara Winter Care

Winters are harsh for every skin type. Skin needs a good care all through this season. Though it is thought that only dry skin needs special care during winters and oily skin remains well nourished during winters, the fact is that oily skin is equally affected. However, the impact may not be felt immediately. During […]