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Top 6 Benefits Of Hibiscus Powder For Beauty And Health


Hibiscus is a delightful flower that comes in a variety of bright colors. Over 300 variants of hibiscus are widely available. This flower has such amazing properties, that it has found a place in our culture and tradition. People in the Indian subcontinent offer the bright red variant to Goddess Kali. The flower is symbolic […]

Holi Festival – Tips to Protect Your Hair and Skin


Drawing curtains on winter and welcoming the summers is the Holi festival. Everyone awaits unabated for this special day, especially the young ones. This is the festival when the town not just paints itself red but in all the colours that you can get hold off.   With the growing demand for colours, the industry […]

Kalonji Oil – Uses and Benefits


For those who have not heard about Kalonji, it is internationally known as Nigella seeds. Nigella sativa plant, on which the seeds grow, is an annual flowering plant native to south and southwest Asia. The plant grows with finely divided leaves; the leaf segments are narrowly linear to threadlike. The flowers are white, yellow, pink, […]

Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Apply Sunscreen Every Day

Mesmara Sunscreen

Winter season is still here and we are talking about sunscreens, sounds out of place, right? The answer is in the product’s name itself, “Sunscreen”. It has nothing to do with summers; it created to protect your skin from the harmful UV effects of the sun rays. You are lazing on a sunny beach, trekking […]