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Healthy Meal Plans For Kids


“Finish your breakfast!” “Don’t leave the veggies on your plate!” This is an everyday scene at Meera’s home. Her 5 year old is a picky eater which leaves Meera worried if her kid is getting enough nutrition. Making tasty yet healthy meal plans for kids is a daunting task for Meera. “Mom, I’m tired of […]

Recipe For Holi – Gujiya With Groundnut Oil – Mesmara Recipes


Holi is coming up and we cannot keep calm! This is one of the most celebrated festivals in India and from youth to old, everyone eagerly awaits throughout the year for this festival of color. However, no celebration is complete without traditional food and delectable. Holi is no exception. Gujiya is one such dish that […]

Greek-style Chicken Cutlets – Easy, Exotic Recipe To Cook For Your Wife


It may sound stereotypical, but in most of the houses its still the woman, who ensures the family is fed well every day, throughout the year so that others can focus on their work. If your house is also one such, don’t you feel lucky to have someone like her in your life? It’s that […]

Vangi Bath With Groundnut Oil – Mesmara Recipes


Vangi Bath is a popular dish of Karnataka. The two main ingredients of this dish are brinjal (Vangi) or eggplant and rice (Bath). If you’re in this South Indian state then you must try this mouth-watering dish at least once. It is not only tasty but easy to cook too! Even if you have not […]

Healthy Tomato And Basil Bruschetta With Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Meera’s daughter is turning 5 this summer and she wishes to host a perfect birthday party. Meera is a wonderful cook and loves to cook tasty yet healthy dishes for her guests. While finalizing the menu, Meera decides to make tomato and basil bruschetta as an appetizer for the guests. She has been cooking this […]