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Mesmara believes that it is extremely important to have a healthy body, so as to have beautiful hair and skin. What goes inside is as important as what is applied outside. Mesmara is driving towards wellness by bringing to you a range of Cold-Pressed Oils that promote good health in many folds. Mesmara’s herbal powders form great concoctions as herbal teas and promote beauty inside out.


Two Effective Solutions For Tan Removal

Two Effective Solutions For Tan Removal

Dark skin is no longer a taboo and we encourage everyone to flaunt their natural tone fashionably. This is a great cultural change that is slowly making its way into our societies and we should encourage this as much as possible. Tanning, on the other hand, is becoming a bigger problem with each passing year. In […]

2 Healthy Recipes Using Cold-pressed Groundnut Oil

Healthy Recipes Using Cold-Pressed Groundnut Oil

No Indian festival is complete without traditional dishes. Most of us forget about health and diet during festivities and devour all the delicious food cooked at home by our moms and grand moms. However, all the overeating takes a toll on our health. Does that mean we give up eating all the good food and […]

Can We Really Detox Our Hair? 10 Simple DIY Hair Detox Formulas


Are you rolling your eyes on reading the title of this article and wondering what is hair detox? You might have heard about detoxing your body, but hair detox? Probably not! But your hair needs as much detox as your body needs too. Everyday your hair goes through a lot. Sun, pollution, dust, chemicals from […]

Top 10 Essential Oils And How to Use Them


Essential oils are aromatic plant chemicals, which capture the ‘essence’ of a plant’s natural scent. They are extracted by either distillation or other mechanical processes. Essential oils have been used since centuries in Egyptian, Chinese, and Indian cultures to promote the well-being of both the body and mind. This has been corroborated by modern research […]

5 Weekend Breakfast Recipes With 5 Or Less Ingredients


“Everyone will be home tomorrow. What do I make for breakfast?” Reena was wondering in her mind as she was finishing off her work in the kitchen. Sundays are special. And she wants to have the right start for the weekend by cooking healthy yet yummy breakfast for her family. If you too are looking […]