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5 Natural Ways to Build Volume in Your Hair

Mesmara Hair Volume

A healthy and voluminous hair is considered to be a barometer for beauty and health. Many celebrities are seen with such hair. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are endowed with such hair naturally. Those who aren’t blessed with beautiful hair use extensions, different styles of brushing the hair, hair sprays and many more […]

Amazing Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a very short-stemmed plant with thick succulent leaves. It usually grows in tropical climates and can be grown indoors as a potted plant. Aloe vera gel is a substance found inside the succulent leaves. Aloe vera latex is present just under the plant’s skin. Some aloe vera based products contain both the […]

Monsoon Season Dos And Don’ts For Hair

Mesmara Monsoon Hair

Monsoon has been a favourite of many a poets and writers. It brings out the romantic emotions. The surroundings become greener, the temperatures dip and generally, there is life and love blossoming everywhere.  The weather is so much more welcoming and finally kind enough to step out. The hair which had been scrunched up into […]

5 Benefits of Hair Serums

Hair serum is a new-gen hair care product. It was initially launched to manage the frizz and help keep the hair untangled. The Indian consumer scene has a substantial number of players now. When you pay attention to the back labels, most of the products contain silicone-based ingredients. The rest of the ingredients are usually […]