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5 Hair Care Secrets of Bollywood Stars Revealed

Have you ever eyed the lustrous locks of bollywood stars with envy? Did you ever wonder, if it was for real? Did you think that beautiful hair comes naturally and effortlessly to them? Lets bust your myths today. Bollywood divas need to make effort to keep their hair healthy and beautiful. Just like their bodies, […]

7 Quick Steps for Your Night Skin Care Routine

Flawless skin is something every girl dreams about. But it takes effort to attain and maintain that kind of skin. While it is absolutely necessary to follow a skin care routine in the morning, it is equally important that you have night skin care regimen that you follow without fail. You might be totally tired […]

5 Smart Beauty Hacks to Help You Through Winter

Winter is a loved season in India. As summers tend to be very harsh in many parts of the country, people enjoy the coolness that winter brings along. People love to eat fried foods and empty cups and cups of hot ginger tea. However, winter brings along its own share of woes – chapped lips, […]