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6 Healthy Makeup Habits to Adapt

Our skin is the largest organ of our body, and our first layer of defence against the harshness of nature. While we have learnt to protect our skin from external factors by wearing clothes, have we really learnt to protect it from the damage we ourselves cause to it – through the makeup we wear daily? Let’s take a look today at some health makeup habits, which will help promote a naturally healthy skin.

5 DIY Face Packs for Oily Skin

Many of us are troubled with oily skin. No matter how hard  we try to keep our faces clean, the skin becomes sticky within few hours again. Today, let’s get under the skin to understand what is oily skin. All of us have what are known as sebaceous glands. They are right under the skin […]

2 Hero Ingredients in DIY Beauty Products

I still wonder how my mother has been managing to have a flawless skin even at in her 60’s. There are hardly any wrinkles and she has an envious natural glow. I have come across grandmas who have dense and long flowing hair. And I am sure you too would have come across many of […]

Natural Ways to Protect Your Hair in Summer

Did you drop your plans for a dream vacation this summer, afraid of the scorching sun? Did you hold back from taking a dip in the swimming pool, afraid of damaging your long tresses? Do you hide behind the screen in your house and miss out all the fun in the summer months? If the […]