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6 Beauty Secrets Of Hollywood Stars

Beauty secrets of Hollywood stars

How many times it happened to you… looking at the picture of a Hollywood stars and sighed deeply… wish you had the same beauty to die for? If you can relate to this, then you’re just not alone. There are many women out there just like you who think alike and long for flawless skin […]

Step By Step Guide For Daily Skincare Routine

daily skin care routine

Every person’s morning routine would normally include a face clean-up with soap and water. Then why is following a particular routine or guidelines so important? What are the benefits of following a daily skincare routine? Let us answer these simple questions. Beauty salons offer skincare in a variety of ways. While it is a good […]

9 Best Dry Fruits For Healthy Skin

dry fruits for healthy skin

Best Dry Fruits for Healthy Skin Most of you know that the nutty, crunchy fruits, that we call dry fruits are good for health. Do note, other than killing hunger pangs with fibres, essential fats and proteins, these under-rated nutritious snacks are also responsible for making skin smooth and supple and giving it a natural […]

Tips For Healthy And Strong Nails Using Natural Products

tips for healthy and strong nails

Tips For Healthy and Strong Nails Daily use of nail paints and regular use of paint removers have a detrimental effect on your nails. In some cases, the exposure to artificial elements and lack of proper care is enough to make them prone to infections and leave you with weak nails. This is a problem […]

9 Useful Tips For Skincare During Travel

skincare during travel

Tips for Skincare during Travel Whether you’re traveling for a holiday or business, your skin faces a toll from exposure to harmful UV rays, dust, and pollution. On top of that, your daily skincare regime takes a backseat because of the hectic schedule. While it is difficult to maintain the usual skincare routine, here we […]