5 Smart Beauty Hacks to Help You Through Winter

Winter is a loved season in India. As summers tend to be very harsh in many parts of the country, people enjoy the coolness that winter brings along. People love to eat fried foods and empty cups and cups of hot ginger tea. However, winter brings along its own share of woes – chapped lips, […]

Got NO time to Relax? Just Breathe!!!

Relax || Stress relief ||Insomnia ||Soothe||Moods||Tension||Emotions||Anxiety Different kind of smells has different effects on us. Our emotions, our motivations, and our aspirations are related somehow to the sense of smell. In a study conducted in Los Angeles to find the result of aroma on the human body, it was found that the gambling increased almost […]

Indulge into a chemical free skin care solutions with Essential oils

Skin glow || Moisturize || Tone || Control ageing || Acne, Blemishes || Wrinkles, Fine lines || Scars Essential Oils and Carrier oils are not new discoveries in todays world, they are rediscovered from the lost ancient techniques of natural and organic ways of pampering, treating and healing skin. One cannot judge the oil only […]

Bringing shine, Volume and Thickness to hair with essential oils

Do you suffer from dull hair? Is your hair frizzy? Do you envy that girl with healthy locks of hair? It’s time to stop hating your hair. This guide will give you the best tips for healthy, shiny and voluminous hair. Now you’ll be the one others envy! Tip: you can get all these products […]

Eucalyptus Oil and its Magical Properties!!

Eucalyptus oil is harvested from the eucalyptus tree, which although native to Australia can be found all over the world. In India it has more presence in the Western Ghats  and West Bengal forests. The eucalyptus oil from these trees offer so more than just nourishment.  The native indigenous people of Australia have long prized […]