Health Benefits of Oil Pulling

Mesmara Oil Pulling

There is a school of thought which believes that our mouths store a lot of the bodily toxins. The belief is that these toxins can be washed away with the help of plant-based oils. The practice of holding certain oils and swishing them in the mouth for long-periods is called Oil Pulling. It is believed […]

How Coconut Oil Aids in Weight Loss

An oil that causes weight loss? It sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? A lesser known fact, but it is true that coconut oil aids in weight loss. Though it is not used much in cooking due to the flavour and aroma that it brings along, the oil has been used in Ayurveda for many […]

Wonder Herbal Powders for Your Hair – Part 2

A healthy hair generally reflects a healthy body as healthy hair is all about how one takes care of it and what one eats. The general idea is that a healthy scalp, frizz-free and bouncy hair can be yours if you take proper nutrition. Consumption of adequate quantities of whole grains, vegetables, and low-fat dairy […]

Wonder Herbal Powders for Your Hair – Part 1

Herbal Powders

Thick, lustrous and bouncy hair is a sign of beauty and youth as perceived by society. Naturally, it is not a surprise that most people care a lot about how their hair looks. Any hair-related problems lead to a lot of anxiety and people start spending a whole lot of money on expensive shampoos and […]