6 Essential Oils To Keep Skin Hydrated In Winters

essential oil for hydrated skin

Use Essential Oils for Hydrated Skin While you are taking out warm clothes from your wardrobe to keep yourself comfortable and warm during the harsh winter months, are you taking care of your skin too? In the dry winter months, skin becomes dry and you must keep your skin hydrated to maintain that fresh gorgeous […]

Turmeric Face Masks For All Skin Types

turmeric face masks

The properties of turmeric have been amazing users for ages and through numerous generations. Its properties range from pain control to cancer treatment and it has enthralled the medical fraternity. It has also been an important household ingredient in the Asian culture, especially in India, South-East Asia and Middle-East. It is a bright yellow spice […]

5 Things You Should Never Apply On Your Face

apply on your face

Things You Should Never Apply on Your Face Most of you have grown up seeing America’s Funny Videos. You must have thus realized that some things are better left alone. You might think and try otherwise, but every time you apply products that you should never apply on your face, you will end up red-faced. […]

Dry Hair Treatments From Ingredients Available At Home

dry Hair Treatments

Dry Hair Treatments at Home Since Biblical times, women have considered hair as a “crowning glory,” however, now both men and women believe in the phrase. A bad hair day equals a bad day, therefore haircare has become an essential part of everyone’s hygiene routine. One of the prominent issues of hair is the ‘dry […]

Three Healthy Office Snacks That You Will Love

healthy office snacks

Healthy Office Snacks Those of us who are in office jobs, know the importance of healthy snacks. What do you do when the 3 P.M. hunger pang strikes you hard? Packaged food is always an option that you can pick up from your office pantry, but if you’re health-conscious you must be looking for some […]