Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Mesmara Raw Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother 500 ml – Unfiltered, Undiluted and Unpasteurised

  • MADE IN INDIA – Made from, Indian(Himalayan)-grown apples, our premium, unfiltered apple cider vinegar (ACV) has lots of “the Mother” so many look for. This cloudy combo of bacterial cultures and dietary fiber shows that it’s unpasteurised, raw and ultra-pure.
  • AS HARDWORKING AS YOU ARE – Whether as a tangy salad dressing swap-in, quick digestive tonic, natural household cleaner or easy hair rinse, grab Mesmara ACV for its alkalizing potential and up-for-anything usefulness. Multitasking? Yes.
  • SIMPLY MADE – To make sure you get fresh flavor and rich colour, Mesmara ACV is fermented from fresh apple juice (not concentrate), and no heat or harsh chemicals are used throughout the process.
  • CONTROL WEIGHT – Mesmara ACV is rich in enzymes & potassium to support a healthy immune system and helps control weight promotes digestion & ph Balance Helps soothe dry throats Helps remove body sludge toxins Helps maintain healthy skin Helps promote youthful, healthy bodies Soothes irritated skin Relieves muscle pain from exercise

Purely produced

We start by pressing a blend of hand-picked, Himalayan apples. The fresh apple juice (not concentrate!) is then turned into vinegar by naturally-present bacteria as the juice ferments. And no heat or harsh chemicals are used throughout the process.

Full of the Mother

The natural bacteria makes the Mesmara ACV look murky, but it has a very noble-sounding name: ‘The Mother’. Like any mother, it wants only the best for you — which is why it’s a sign of top-quality ACV. While the amount you see may vary, it’s raw, unfiltered goodness is always there.

Use in a simple morning tonic or tea

Many people mix ACV into a tonic or tea first thing in the morning or before each meal, for digestion or general wellness. Mix 1 tablespoon of ACV into a cup of warm water (some like to add a teaspoon of honey, too), or mix 1-2 teaspoons of ACV into a glass of cold water or juice. It’s important to dilute it this way; we don’t recommend drinking undiluted ACV.

Drizzle a little on your favorite foods

Reach for ACV instead of white or balsamic vinegar for your next salad dressing (use 1 part ACV to 3 parts oil), add to sauces and marinades for some tang, or drizzle on cooked greens. It’s also great in coleslaw, soups and dishes.

Try it on your hair

Many use ACV as a hair rinse or a leave-in conditioner, as it can make your hair super silky, and work wonders on dry, itchy scalps and frayed ends. Just wash your hair, then massage diluted ACV into your roots, scalp, and all the way through your hair. Leave it in for a half-hour a few times a week.

Make a natural household cleaner

Mix one part ACV with one part water for a non-toxic, all-purpose household cleaner (it can help keep little household crawlies at bay). To help clear away pesticides and bacteria from fresh fruits and veggies, give them a quick bath of 10% ACV and 90% water, then rinse (not recommended for fragile or porous fruits, though).