8 Essential Tips For Summer Hair Care Routine

summer hair care routine

Summer Hair Care Routine

Summer is here and the temperatures are rising by the day. The heat will soon start taking a toll on your hair and skin. The sun rays can damage your hair colour, texture as well as the scalp. 

In the summers, you must have noticed that your hair which is usually quite fluffy and voluminous appears lifeless. This is mainly due to the increased humidity that weighs down your hair. Also, the dust and pollution make the hair quite sticky and hamper your hairstyle. The extreme heat affects your scalp which becomes oily. For folks who have a receding hairline, can experience sunburns on their scalp too and higher than normal hair loss.

Let us understand how to take care of your hair during summertime and what should be the basic summer hair care routine.  

#1. Keep Them Covered

Nothing beats protection and the same goes for hair care. When stepping put in the daytime, try and keep your head covered with something fashionable. This will stop UV damage to your hair as well as reduce the amount of dust and pollution that gets stuck on to it. 

#2. Control Frequency of Hair Wash

All the sweat and grime makes a perfect case for a good hair wash and rightly so. However, frequent or daily shampooing dry out the scalp and hair. You need to be careful about how often you’d like to indulge in them. If you cannot stay satisfied with a good water wash, we recommend mild natural shampoo. Also, the emphasis of the wash should be more on the scalp instead of the hair strands. 

The shampoo could be spiked with a few drops of essential oil (e.g., Argan or Rosehip oil). Not only will it clean, but the process will also manage the oiliness on the scalp and keep it appropriately moisturised. 

Conditioners are very helpful in this season. They form a protective layer that reduces the amount of dust and pollution that sticks to your hair strands. They allow the hair to stay a cleaner bit longer. 

#3. Opt for Oil Treatment

Hot oil can do wonders to your hair, moisturizing it, treating the dryness and smoothening frizzy hair. Any natural oil like Mesmera Jojoba Oil or Mesmara Almond Oil can be used. They are light oils that are less greasy and quickly absorb. In case you are using olive oil or coconut oil, lightly heat them before applying them.  

Pro Tip: Hot oil rinse will moisturize your hair without making them greasy. It also provides strength and proteins to your hair and makes them stronger and helps in growth too. It is a must add summer hair care routine.

#4. Avoid Hair Cosmetics and Heat-based Styling Tools

Summers and hair cosmetics do not go well. The cosmetics like sprays and gels dry out your hair and when used during summers, the impact is larger. 

Heat-based styling tools like straighteners, hairdryers should be avoided as much as possible.  Even when you have to use them, the temperature setting has to be the minimum level. 

#5. Care for Your Hair Colour

If you get your hair dyed, staying in direct sunlight could really hamper the colour intensity. It is one of the main culprits that cause your colour to fade off. A fashionable headscarf, a smart hat could be an easy way to increase your colour longevity. 

#6. Wear Loose Styles

Summer humidity is pain and allowing the hair to breathe can really keep you that much calmer through the day. 

Most women look at simple hairstyles that are functional and do not need much maintenance throughout the day. Unless you cannot avoid, keep simple loose hairstyles. Simple loose braids, high pony ties are going to help you feel fresher around the back of the neck.  

#7. Get a Short Trim

It is the best time to have a shorter hairstyle. They are easiest to manage and sweat lesser and eventually dry up faster too. Try ones that help you stay fashionable while keeping it light on the head. They will eventually keep your hair less tangled and reduce frizz. 

#8. Enjoy the Cool Pool Water

Most of you would be a big fan of the pool in the summers and why resist the temptation of a swim in the cool pool water? 

You may already know, the chemicals added in the water to manage ph balance, chlorine added to disinfect it are all harmful to your hair. Another overlooked aspect is while you are soaking in the pool, the UV rays are probably working the most to damage your hair and scalp. 

While it may not appeal to everyone, a better time to hit the pool is in the afternoon when the intensity of the sun rays is fading. You must pre-moisturise your hair with a carrier oil. It is an important step that will preserve your natural oils and even saves your hair from the chlorine and UV damage. 

Finally, a waterproof swim cap is probably the best protection out of all the options. With hardly any exposure, the damage is minimal. 

Go out and enjoy yourself this summer. By now you know how to beat the heat and keep your hair looking healthy.

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