5 Formal Look Hairstyles with Mesmara Argan Hair Serum

formal look hairstyles

Formal Look Hairstyles with Mesmara Argan Hair Serum

When you are a professional woman, you would like to carry yourself in a demeanor that suits the occasion, the people you meet and share the vibe that shows you in control of the situation. You want to be succinct in your hairstyle and yet spring up formal look hairstyles that are not dull. The style needs to make you look fabulous, yet it cannot be too gaudy. It needs to be just functionally fashionable.

It may take you some time to discover the right ones. To make it easier, we are showing a set of formal look hairstyles which you can adopt. These hair styles are not just classy, but are easy and as we said functional and quick to suit your busy schedule. 

1. Short and Straight Hair or Commonly known as Bobs

This hairstyle is the easiest one to master and does not require anything special. Anyone who loves short hair can go for it. This hairstyle is elegant and has been loved by most of our powerful and successful leaders, e.g. Hillary Clinton, Indira Gandhi, Angela Merkel to name a few. There are a few variations that you can bring to the collection and subtly change how you look. 

The hair can be normally straight and can be tapering off just above the neckline while not exactly a bob cut. Make sure the finish at the ends is neat, giving you the assertive look.  

For folks who want to experiment a little bit more, choppy bob with layered hair cut gives a mix of a professional plus casual look. It gives you a trendy feel while being nonchalant about the whole thing. 

You can grow them enough to just bounce them off your shoulders. This brings a completely different feel and mixes power and femininity in the right amounts. It leaves you graceful while keeping you in control.

2. Long and Straight Hair

The long hairstyle is an easy look that allows you to bring both of feminine grace and respect together. 

The hair tresses are mostly straight with hardly any curls apart from the natural ones. They extend just over to your bosom length or slightly covering it. In corporate office settings, you can choose to leave them untied but neatly straightened. For some variations, you can have tonged ends and laid over one of the shoulders. 

You could also try side parting and look at a curly or waterfall wave look instead of the standard straight look. At the same time in busier or more active settings, it allows you to tie it into a neat ponytail. 

To keep your hair tresses straight and untangled throughout the day, use Mesmara Argan hair serum. It controls frizzy hair, increases the silkiness and shine and naturally nourishes the hair. 

3. Braided Hair Do

This is a sought-after hairstyle that goes very well for working women, especially with long hair. When you want to keep it sleek, a braid starting from a ponytail can be the easiest one to master. The beauty is emphasized when you do the braids from the start of the knot to about just above or on the neckline and leave the rest of the hair loose. This is a great look and stays in place without the need to retie them as compared to a simple ponytail. For more variations, you can braid the side locks and merge them into the ponytail knot. There is no end to the styles you can do without having to go to a stylist. 

4. Chignon Hair Do

Chignons make you look classy and are a hot favorite for more formal settings. The idea is to pin the hair into an elegant knot at the back of the head but resting on the nape of the neck. They can be embellished with an ornamental hairpin. The style has been in vogue from the Greek ages and continues to be a go-to style. 

5. Edgy Short Hair

While bobs are short, a lot of women are now experimenting with even shorter pixie hairstyles. They are becoming a hit amongst the working-class women and millennial professionals who are redefining normal. These are usually no fuss and I-mean-business hairstyles. You could look at enhancing them with spikes or hair color, if that is your thing. 

As you step out for work, Mesmara Argan hair serum protects your hair from the harsh sunlight. It creates a protective layer that helps hair from dust and pollution for a much longer time. The hair serum is extremely lightweight and does not interfere with your styling. In fact, it goes pretty well with all hair styling products.

At the end of all, the hairstyle needs to express who you are and what you believe in. From being political bigwig to a corporate honcho, all roles have some personality traits that are accentuated by your hairstyle. So, choose wisely and keep scaling new heights. 

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