8 Simple Tips To Avoid Dryness After Waxing

dryness after waxing

How to Avoid Dryness after Waxing?

Dryness after waxing is a common problem you all face. Whether it is a soft wax, hard wax or shaving, post-waxing skincare routine is a must. After waxing, the pores of the skin open up which may cause a lot of damage to the skin. These damages include bacteria and other unwanted elements clogging the skin pores. Hence, it is necessary to follow good post-waxing routines to keep your skin healthy.

1. Implement 48-Hour Rule

You must keep your waxed/shaved areas clean and dry for the first 48 hours. It is important to stick to this pre and post-wax rule. You must also avoid exfoliating, steamy and hot baths, and exposing the area to the sun for a few days.

2. Exfoliate Your Skin

After keeping your skin clean and dry for the first 48 hours, it is vital to exfoliate it. You can use an exfoliating glove, an exfoliating body polish or make your own body scrub by mixing brown sugar and Mesmara Extra Virgin Olive Oil to remove dead skin cells. Exfoliating 2-3 times a week prevents ingrown hairs and bumps that come with hair regrowth.

3. Go for Loose Clothing

Waxed or shaved areas can become irritated from the rubbing of your jeans, wool sweater, or tight clothing. Hence it is recommended to wear loose sweatpants and cotton tops just after waxing. Loose clothes always help your skin to breathe.

4. Apply Ice

Ice not just helps to relieve the pain before your wax but also soothes your skin. After waxing, cold compress the area on and off for a few minutes. As a result of applying ice, your skin cools down. It thus closes the pores and follicles that had opened up due to waxing. Closed pores prevent bacteria from getting in.

5. Stay Away from Sun Rays

Beware of the sun rays right after waxing. This again comes under the 48-hour rule. It is necessary to apply sunscreen before going out to prevent high pigmentation of the recently waxed/shaved areas.

6. Don’t Touch!

Well, by now you aware of the dangers of open pores. You must also avoid touching your waxed skin to prevent bacteria from entering your pores. Therefore, clean your hands before applying moisturizers and any other beauty products. Also, refrain from picking any ingrown hairs as it may result in damaged skin.

7. Proper Intake of Water and Diet

Skincare is not just about using the right products but it also includes a healthy diet. After waxing, your skin gets dry. It, thus, needs plenty of water that hydrates the skin cells and produces more collagen to keep your skin soft and supple. Along with drinking at least 1.5 litres of water, you must also include Omega 3s and fatty acid-rich food such as fish, Avacado, and nuts to your diet. This will prevent the skin’s redness and inflammation.

8. Carry on with the Skincare Routine

It is recommendable to take warm showers, if not cold, instead of hot ones. You must use mild and moisturizing shower products. Also, for healthy skin, avoid fragranced beauty products for the first few days after waxing. Thick, creamy lather body moisturizers infused with natural oils helps to prevent dryness and restores your skin’s natural barrier. To make your own body moisturizer, heat 4 tbsp Mesmara Raw Unrefined Cocoa Butter via double boiler method. Once melted, take it off the heat, and add a tbsp of aloe vera juice to it. Keep the mixture in the freezer. After about 15 minutes, take it out and whip it with an electric mixer. Add 10 drops of Mesmara Lavender Oil and whip again for a couple of minutes. Use the product within 2 months.

These few simple tips can help you avoid skin irritation, rashes, bumps, and dryness after waxing or shaving. Additionally, they also help you get soft, smooth and glowing skin.

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