5 Hair Styling Mistakes Every To-be-bride Should Avoid

hair styling for to-be-bride

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Hair Styling for To-be-bride

Congratulations to you; you are ready to get married and things are really heating up with all the planning. It should be an event where you must look your all-time best. It’s time to either get wedding planners to come over and decide the whole event for you or you can do it all by yourself. Regardless, it is your wedding and it needs to reflect your uniqueness and individuality. 

A major part of your planning will revolve around your logistics but equally important will be your hairstyle, makeup and coordination with the attire. It is important that you do not experiment at the last moment and end up unpleasantly surprised. 

Here are some common mistakes in hair styling for to-be-bride.

1. Relying on the Hair Stylist without a Trial

These are moments that you want to cherish and since you are preparing well, include your hair styling sessions as appropriate checkpoints. Never leave it to the stylist to come and get your hair styled on the wedding day. Spend time discussing various styles for to-be-bride, check which styles will work, whether your hair type can carry those styles. The next step is to take trials complete with the makeup and hair style. Planning them well in advance gives room to make changes, especially when it involves hair coloring and makeup.

2. Washing Hair on the Day of Styling

Discuss this topic with your stylist. Some prefer to use a conditioner before doing a style, but they usually refrain from using shampoo. The styling for a wedding is an elaborate affair; freshly washed hair is all over the place and is very difficult to style. If you are used to washing regularly, stop this at least a couple of days ahead or just visit the salon to get them to do it differently, so it is clean and yet has the texture and strength needed, for it to be styled.

3. Hair Coloring Experiments Close to the Wedding Day

Hair coloring is a delicate art, especially when you want the right shade. It needs to be paired well with the theme you are looking for.  Leaving this for the last minute is as dreadful as walking into a fight completely blind. You should start preferably a month or two ahead to realize if the shade works, you will have time to rectify if it doesn’t. 

You must stay away from hair treatments when leading up to the event. Haircare should definitely be your priority, but it can not be with new treatments. You never know how your hair will respond.

4. Getting a Short or Layered Hair

Usually, stylists do not recommend open hairstyles. In case you want to go with open tresses, you may want to have a layered haircut. In all other styles stay away from any haircuts right before the event. This will be disastrous, and the stylist will struggle to give you the look you want. It is also going to be very difficult for the stylist to create buns or any twists and turns on the tresses when you do this last minute.

5. Choosing the Flowers for Your Hair Close to the Last Day

The choice of flowers for your hair is important in hair styling for the to-be-bride. If you are planning on a wedding outside the season, you need to book your choices well in advance. It is not just the color or the variety, it is vital to understand the longevity that it comes with. If your styling is happening much earlier than the event, the flowers might wilt leaving you embarrassed. So, speak to your florist on these aspects and make sure all of this is not a last minute activity. To keep the flowers fresh, make sure they are moist and stored in a cold place. 

Our recommendation is to stay away from inorganic products as they may lead to reactions and adverse effects during the build-up to the event. You should start an organic program to improve the quality of your hair. Mesmara provides Argon Hair Serum, essential oils and herbal powders to improve the volume, bounce, thickness, and overall health of your hair. All our products are natural and responsibly sourced. 

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