Turmeric Face Masks For All Skin Types

turmeric face masks

The properties of turmeric have been amazing users for ages and through numerous generations. Its properties range from pain control to cancer treatment and it has enthralled the medical fraternity. It has also been an important household ingredient in the Asian culture, especially in India, South-East Asia and Middle-East. It is a bright yellow spice that literally finds its way in almost every meal prepared and hence has been traded from as early as 800 AD. 

While it is known to the world as a spice, it has also been an active ingredient in many beauty products. It has often been used as a remedy to even out skin tone, manage acne and even soothe and manage skin ailments e.g., psoriasis, eczema, etc. 

Let’s look at a few DIY face mask preparations that will suit largely all skin types.

Oily Skin and Acne Control

Acne is caused when your skin pores are getting clogged from dead skin deposits, dust and pollution. The sebaceous oil build-up under the clogged pore and subsequent bacterial infection is what leads to inflammation and pain. 

The key to managing this is prevention by regular exfoliation to remove dead cells and clean up pores. Secondary management is to soothe the existing acne by anti-inflammatory ingredients. 

Turmeric Face Masks Recipe

Mix equal parts of turmeric powder to milk or yogurt and mix well. Add to it half a portion of chickpea flour to prepare a fine consistent paste. Apply this face mask and let it soak in and work for about 20-25 mins. It should usually dry up by that time. If you see the mask is caking up, you have either made the consistency too thick or you have applied a lot of it. Rinse it off with water and follow it up with a light moisturizer

For best results, freshly prepare the face mask every time you need to use it. Also, raw turmeric paste will give you better results than a commercially available powder. 

Sensitive Skin and Keeping it Calm

A lot of you have sensitive skin, that gets easily irritated by elements of nature. In such situations, the best is to reduce irritant. However, you hardly realize what causes it and it is not pleasant. So, the next best thing is to reduce the sensitivity of the skin and turmeric is very good at it. 

Turmeric Face Masks Recipe

This recipe is not the drying mask type but is something that stays wet and soothes the skin. Take a couple of teaspoons of lentil flour and add to it one teaspoon of vitamin E oil. While you mix the two, add one teaspoon of turmeric paste or powder and a few spoons of milk. The consistency needs to be a fine paste which is just thick enough to stay on your face. To improve the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of the face mask further, add a few drops of honey into the paste.  Leave the application on your face for 15-20 minutes before rinsing it off. 

Another simple recipe involves preparing a mask with aloe vera. Take a tablespoon of aloe vera gel and to it add ½ a teaspoon of turmeric paste. Mix it well and apply it over your face. This mask will work wonders to soothe the skin and calm it down. It will provide good relief from redness and irritation. As a substitute to Aloe Vera gel, mix 1 teaspoon Mesmara Aloe Vera Powder and few drops of rose water. 

All Skin Type Face Scrub

You all know that there is a need to exfoliate and keep the skin rejuvenated. The texture of the turmeric paste makes it well suited for exfoliation. With all the goodness we have spoken about, it additionally helps manage the skin’s oil secretion and regulates melanin production which makes it a great mask and exfoliator.

Turmeric Face Masks Recipe

Mix half a teaspoon of fresh raw turmeric paste with two tablespoons of Mesmara Almond Oil. This will seem a bit runny to start with but mix it well to get a consistent paste. Wash your face and gently scrub your skin. Once you have covered the entire region, rinse and moisturize it well.

We would have loved to list as many recipes we can and believe us it would probably run into reams of paper. But what is important here is that Turmeric is indeed a must-have for anyone and everyone. You simply should not ignore the myriad of benefits it brings to you.

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