5 Things You Should Never Apply On Your Face

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Things You Should Never Apply on Your Face

Most of you have grown up seeing America’s Funny Videos. You must have thus realized that some things are better left alone. You might think and try otherwise, but every time you apply products that you should never apply on your face, you will end up red-faced.

The same applies to your facial makeup products; there are tons of people advising you on what to use, how to keep it youthful and glowing. Interestingly, very few realize that the face is much different from the rest of the body. What may work on another part of your body may not work on your face. 

Let’s look at what may leave you red-faced and how you can stay careful and not make these cardinal mistakes.  

#1. Nail Paints for Facial Makeup

It is time to junk YouTube channels that use nail polish in make-up tutorials.

Nail polish belongs on your nails and hardens with time to give a glossy effect. Therefore, it is a pain to get it off, even when you use a nail polish remover. Apart from the burns and irritation it will cause, imagine how painful it will be when you try to scrub it off your face. Ouch already? 

#2. Foot Creams 

Foot creams dissolve the hard skin calluses. They contain a lot of strong chemicals that breakdown the thick skin and increase the smoothness of the skin. Now if you think, you can apply this to smooth out the roughness of the skin on your face, then you are done. The formulation is very strong for the sensitive facial skin. It will leave you with a nasty irritation and in most cases cause a bad skin burn. Needless to say, stay away! 

#3. Hair Sprays

Hair Sprays are great at finishing up. It keeps your hair styling intact, locked and gives you the freedom to move around without the need for a retouch. It gives our beauticians the power to create magic and then allows you to preserve and flaunt their magic. 

Some folks may think it’s a perfect way to get a grip on their make-up. However, it’s hara-kiri for your skin. The spray is a concoction of alcohol and sticky chemicals often found in paint and glue. Already getting the idea of how harmful it can be for your face? It will rob you of your essential oils, deplete your natural moisture and severely irritate your skin and eyes. 

Thus, use the spray only on your hair, do not spray on your face! 

#4. Deodorants

Deodorants are great for summers; a lot of us have used it as a substitute for the more expensive perfume. 

They are compressed gases, are full of alcohol, and have strong perfumes. These ingredients are harmful and irritating to your face. Therefore, do not spray deodorants on to your face or use them to wipe off any strong make-up. 

#5. Body Creams/ Lotions/ Moisturisers

Facial creams are gentler than the body moisturisers/ lotions. They have much lesser amounts of fragrance and are suitable for sensitive areas of skin. They reduce the effects of aging, freckles, reverse the impacts of UV rays etc, while keeping the skin moisturised. 

On the other hand, moisturisers/ lotions/ body creams are used on areas that need to preserve moisture and do not need special fixes. As a result, they are thicker in consistency. If you were to apply these on your face and put on makeup, you are in for a disaster. They’ll become runny in hot and humid zones and often lead to irritation.

Skin is a very specialized organ of the body. Especially when it comes to your face, stay away from experiments. Be careful in choosing your products and do not experiment. Mesmara has dedicated itself in sourcing the best of the natural ingredients which provide specialized treatments. You can peacefully apply them and see your skin glow naturally from within.

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