7 Tips To Apply Concealer That Make All The Difference

tips to apply Concealer

Tips on How to Apply Concealer

The concealer is like a gift from God for all shortcomings that are nothing but human. It is one item you never want to leave behind once you’ve had a taste of it. However, you should know the right tips on how to apply the concealer.

So, why the wait. Here we talk about some clever ways to use the concealer to give you your perfect look.

What Do You Have to Apply before the Concealer?

The first step even before getting to makeup is to get your skin healthy. 

On a regular basis, the right regimen of keeping the skin clean must be followed. They rid you of the extra oiliness and the dirt and additionally remove the dead cells and regenerate new ones. You should also moisturise your skin regularly. All these measures are important as they help reduce the damage that will be eventually be caused by the chemical ingredients in the makeup. There are a number of natural remedies available at Mesmara which help improve the health of the skin and continue to nourish it.  

When you start your makeup routine, apply a skin primer or the foundation. Some may apply a color corrector with the foundation to create a single tone skin. You should now move to your concealer and finally, finish with powder. 

#1 Choosing the Right Shading

It can get confusing on what shade to be used and how does the shade impact your look. Concealers are to be applied over the foundation and the contrast between the two can change the way you look. 

Features that you want to highlight, e.g. your cheekbones, you must use a lighter shade than that of the foundation. When you want to have your face stand out from the rest to keep the concealer shade lighter than the foundation. A lighter shade will reflect more light and will make it lift up. You should also use a lighter shade when covering up dark areas like the under-eye zone and even the tone. 

When you want to even out the tone, especially where you have white patches you can choose a darker shade. The darker shade will conceal the patches and make it look consistent. 

#2 Using Concealers around Eyes

You are probably already applying the concealer in the under-eye zone. But if you are applying this across the area and that too horizontally, you are getting it all wrong. This way of application makes the area more evident rather than concealing the problem. One of the right tips to apply the concealer is to create an upside-down triangle; this lightens up the area right under the eye and this shade merges into on your cheeks. Ultimately leading to a brighter-looking face. 

If you like your eyes to lift up, swipe the concealer upwards towards the tail end of the brow. It is important that the concealer does not stand out but merges into your foundation.  

Concealers can also help take away the creases on your eyelids. Use the concealer to apply a light layer on your eyelids and this should be blended in carefully. This should not be loud and hence this should be done with care and this should be good enough to hide the creases. 

#3 Cover Your Spots and Skin Outbreaks

Skin blemishes, sun spots, acne these are common makeup nightmares and the concealer is the answer here. To reduce the redness of the skin or a workaround for acne, you need to apply a colour neutralizer and for that apply a touch of green and cover it with foundation. Follow it by the concealer and dust it with powder.

#4 Get the Perfect Nose 

The concealer has another great use to contour your features. Especially the nose, if you want the nose to look slimmer, you should apply the concealer a couple of shades lighter on the side edges of your nose. This will highlight the edges and make your nose slimmer and slender. 

#5 Concealer for All Exposed Areas

Don’t think that the concealer is just to fix your face complexion. Use the concealer on your body too. You can use it to create an even complexion for your arms, neck and even the exposed part of your chest or your back. It is an easy way to cover up those sunspots which you otherwise enjoyed at the beach. Now every time you want a step out with that lovely revealing dress you know your best friend is your concealer. 

#6 Substitute the Foundation 

Concealer can also be used as a primer to create a clean base and reduce out any darkness. You can substitute foundation for a full finish; just mix your concealer with a little bit of moisturizer and spread it all over for a radiant glow. 

#7 Fix Your Makeup Disasters

Concealers can be used to hide mistakes that you do while you indulge in makeup. You can use it to fix mistakes with your eyeliner or mistakes with your lip liners. You can even out any creases or smudges that your makeup may leave.

If you think your concealer has turned a shade darker or has stopped matching your skin like it used to, its time to change your concealer. Concealers are used in small amounts; therefore, it is possible that you have been using the same tube for years. Over a period of time, concealers may appear discoloured and may not serve their purpose. It is probably a good idea to use beauty products including concealers within six to nine months after opening.

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