Effective Tips To Take Care Of Your Permed Hair

Effective Tips To Take Care Of Your Permed Hair

Tips for Permed Hair

It is an era of experiments, whether it is science, technology, art or even beauty and hair style. It is quite natural that you might get bored with your hair and would want to give it a new style statement. To get a revamped look, you can get yourself a new hairdo with the help of perms. However, you may have plenty of questions and doubts on how to secure your precious permed hair, as it comes with its own dos and don’ts.

We present to you some ‘after perm rules’ and tips that will help you keep perm in your hair for a long time without doing much damage to the health of your hair.

#1. How to Sleep with Permed Hair

The foremost challenge you might face after perming your hair is when you lay down on the bed. Most of you will have the fear of losing your curls or waves. But hold on to your fears, you can still have a good night’s sleep. Just tie your hair-up by making loose buns or one or two loose braids and sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase.

#2. Washing Hair after Perms Myth

Washing your hair right after perms might loosen or make them uneven. You mustn’t wash your hair right after perming. However, your perms will be all fine after 48 hours of keeping it away from water. Although, it is suggested that you wash your hair less often as your hair is in dire need of moisture after perming and washing less will preserve the natural oils of your hair and scalp.

#3. Get the Right Products

It is important to nourish your hair with the right products else the hours of struggle on getting your dream hair will go all in vain. A significant point to remember is that you can’t use the products that you used earlier in your virgin hair. You must opt for Sulphate, alcohol, and silicon-free products as these chemicals leave the permed hair drier and damaged.

#4. How to Dry Permed Hair

After a perm, the two most important items that you must use are a wooden- tooth comb and a soft paddle brush. First, you should gently comb your hair with the wooden-tooth comb and let it air-dry naturally or use a diffuser to dry it. You must then apply products such as Mesmara Argan Hair Serum. After it has dried, gently use the soft paddle brush for detangling permed hair.

#5. Nourish Your Hair

Whether it is a digital (hot) perm or a cold perm, you must always nourish your hair. Perms are chemicals that break the natural order of your hair and breaks down the protein bonds leaving your hair dry and frizzy after the perm. Hence, treat your hair with products that contain high protein. Use hair packs with herbal powders such as Mesmara Bhringraj Powder or carrier oils like Mesmara Castor Carrier Oil, which helps to heal your hair back to health.

Hair is often considered the reflection of one’s identity and a healthy hair gives a lot of confidence. And, by perming your hair, you are not just elevating your beauty but also your self-esteem. So, it is vital that you take care of your permed hair the right way.

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