Mesmara Top 10 Articles of 2019

Mesmara Top 10

Mesmara Top 10

The year 2019 is about to end, and a new decade is about to start. For us @ Mesmara, 2019 was all about reinventing ourselves. While we have been a prominent manufacturer of essential oils and natural products, starting to manufacture cold pressed oils became a natural extension for us, as we continued to bring healthy and natural alternatives to the market. We started manufacturing cold-pressed oils towards the end of 2018 and got a very good response from our customers.

To serve our customers better, We revamped our website to cater to a wider audience. Apart from our existing partners, Amazon and Flipkart, many other portals like Nykaa, Purplle, Bigbasket, 1MG, Shopclues etc., joined hands with us to become our channel partners.

In 2019, Mesmara transformed to Mesmara Botanics Private Limited. Our Co-founder and Director, Ragini Ravipati, won the Woman Leadership Award in the World Marketing Congress, Telangana Best Brands Awards 2019. 

As our customer base kept increasing, we made a lot more friends along the way on social media and through our blogs. Our followers base on our FB page crossed the 50K mark and has been increasing steadily. Our blog followers got to learn insightful tips and tricks about skincare and haircare. They also learnt many several recipes for their inner health. Here’s a list of Mesmara top 10 blog articles in 2019.

The Mesmara Top 10 Countdown

Blog #10: DIY Perfumes – 5 Easy Recipes For Valentine’s Day Gifting

Who doesn’t love to love and be loved. These easy to make DIY recipes for perfumes with Mesmara Essential Oils, was a hit for Valentine’s Day gifting ideas.

Blog #9: How To Get Smooth Hair Without Straightening

Curly hair is beautiful. But it’s hard to style it. Those with curly hair do like to straighten their hair and try different styles. But not at the cost of damage to hair. We gave some healthy alternatives to smoothing hair without damaging it. No wonder, our readers read this article quite often.

Blog #8: Top 6 Benefits Of Hibiscus Powder For Beauty And Health

According to Indian Ayurveda, Hibiscus plant has numerous benefits. The flower of hibiscus can be dried and made into powder. This powder is used in many skincare and haircare products. A lesser known fact is that the hibiscus powder can be used in your morning tea also, and it is a great way to improve your metabolism. As we shared these health secrets, this article made its way into the top 10.

Blog #7: 5 Best Home Remedies To Remove Sun Tan 

Summer is fun, but sun tan is not. Here we discussed some tried and tested home remedies to remove sun tan. As summers are getting harsher every year, this article seems to be the need of the day.

Blog #6: Top 5 Myths About Cold Pressed Oils Busted

Cold-pressed oils are loaded with goodness. However, for the past few decades, refined oils have made it into our kitchens and stole the well-earned place of our cold-pressed oils. The advertisements that made refined oils a household name, also displaced our belief in cold-pressed oils and shrouded us with myths. Here, in this article we busted the top 5 myths associated with cold-pressed oils. Reality check. We need to re-introduce cold-pressed oils back in our kitchens.

Blog #5: Uses and Benefits Of Rose Petal Powder 

Mesmara’s Rose Petal Powder, made from pure natural rose petals is a very popular product. It is used in many beauty formulas and face packs. Our readers loved to learn its health benefits and also how it can be used for hair care. As we also furnished our readers with several DIY ways of using rose petal powder in daily skincare regimen, they loved this article even more.

Blog #4: 5 DIY Hair Packs for Dry and Frizzy Hair 

We at Mesmara curated 5 DIY hair packs, which help keep your hair from becoming dry and frizzy. As hundreds of our readers read this article, it becomes evident that this problem is very common and there are only very few natural solutions. This article’s popularity suggests that our readers loved the natural DIY solutions, which are not only healthy for the hair, but also do not burn a hole in the pocket. 

Blog #3: 7 Uses Of Activated Charcoal Powder For Beauty And Health 

One of the most searched products on Mesmara website is our Activated Charcoal Powder. Many of us know that activated charcoal powder is a good cleansing agent. But did you know about its health benefits? If you haven’t already read this article, do read to find out. 

Blog #2: Benefits of Cold Pressed Oils – 10 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Them Immediately 

Most of us know that cold-pressed oils have many health benefits. However, not many know that the refined oils we are now using regularly are very harmful to our health. In this article we made a comparative study and listed the top 10 reasons why we should start using cold pressed oils immediately. Our health conscious readers ensured that this article made it to the top.

Blog #1: Veeramachaneni Diet Plan – ‘A Perspective’ 

2019 was a year of diet plans. Many different diet plans were introduced to the public, including Keto diet, Intermittent Fasting etc. While some diet plans are new, some are age old ones being reintroduced. Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna Rao’s diet plan was introduced in 2017. It has slowly gained popularity among masses. In this article we clearly explained the diet plan and its benefits. As it struck a chord with our readers, this article has become the winner of 2019.


So here’s our Mesmara Top 10 for 2019. In 2020 we promise to bring even more interesting reads for our followers. Stay in touch, keep reading, keep commenting.


Happy New Year 2020 from the Mesmara Team.


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