5 Most Common Beauty Woes Of Moms-to-be

beauty woes of moms-to-be

As they say – motherhood is bliss. Whether you are expecting your first child or the second one, you’re going through the most beautiful phase of your life probably. However, the hormonal changes may take a toll on your body and mind. As your body gets prepared to bring in to the world a new life, your most amazing creation, it is important that you look and feel good too. Here are some simple but most effective tips for looking beautiful during pregnancy and keeping your beauty woes at bay.

Pregnancy glow is real

Pregnancy changes your body in many ways and there are some positive effects too. You may notice your skin and hair to be glowing with fuller lips due to the surge of hormone volume in the blood. However, it also brings in other beauty woes like acne, dark spots, and varicose veins. Since you cannot afford to use a lot of chemicals and artificial beauty products to look gorgeous in your maternity photo shoot, going the natural way is the best way to look beautiful during pregnancy. Here are some useful tips for glowing skin during pregnancy.  

5 Beauty Woes of Moms-to-be: Beauty tips while pregnant

1. Acne

Don’t feel upset about the sudden acne splurge on your face. The appearance of acne is common during pregnancy – like it or not, the hormones play a trick on you. Keep your acne at bay with the Mesmara detox face scrub. Or make a home pack using Mesmara neem powder, aloe vera powder and a few drops of rose water. Neem and aloe vera will keep the excess oil in check while eliminating the microbes that can clog the pores. Rose water will help soothe your skin. It is completely safe to use natural ingredients to take care of your skin during your pregnancy time.

2. Hair dye

It is advisable to not use hair coloring and hair dye at least for the first three months of your pregnancy. If you desperately need a hair dye, consult with your doctor if it is okay to apply hair dye. Alternatively, you can try natural ingredients like henna powder, Mesmara amla powder or indigo powder which are natural and can be used safely during pregnancy. 

3. Beat the stretch marks

Stretch mark is something that every mom-to-be dreads. You can defy those worrying stretch marks by using natural body butter that will keep the skin soft and supple. Mesmara shea butter and extra virgin olive oil will help you to beat the stretch marks easily. 

4. Keep the skin clean

Keeping the skin clean is important if you want to keep away pregnancy dark spots and acne. Invest in natural ingredients and exfoliators like orange peel powder that will clean the skin naturally. Remember, your skin becomes delicate and fragile especially during pregnancy, so avoid using any harsh chemicals during those nine important months. 

5. Safety from the sun

Last but not least, keep your skin protected from the harmful sun rays. Since you cannot use sunscreen (you know the chemicals!) that doesn’t mean you cannot go out in the sun. Make an anti-tan face pack at home using natural ingredients like Multani mitti and rose water. Applying this natural face pack will help retain the glow of the skin naturally. 

Other Tips to Follow during Pregnancy for Beautiful Skin

  1. Sleep and take rest as much as you can. When you are well-rested and stress-free, your skin will glow naturally.
  2. Keep your skin hydrated at all times. Drink plenty of water so that your skin looks soft and supple.
  3. Eat healthy — not just for your skin but for your baby too. 
  4. Exercise regularly. Speak to your doctor and keep yourself active. Not just it helps in easy delivery, but it will also minimize fluid accumulation in extremities.

Finally, stay happy and keep yourself surrounded by a positive environment. Surely it will show its positive effects on your skin and your pregnancy.  

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