5 Common Mistakes That Girls With Thick Hair Must Never Do

mistakes that girls with thick hair must never do

Mistakes that Girls with Thick Hair Must Never Do

Do you love flaunting your thick curls or complain of having thick locks all the time? While girls with thin hair give you an envious look, only you will know how difficult it can get to manage thick hair and style them appropriately. If you too feel the same, we hear you, girl. We have thus compiled this blog so that you know what to do and what not to do with your healthy hair.

Mistake #1 – Shampooing too Often

Over shampooing is not good for anyone. But if you have very thick hair, you shouldn’t be doing it ever. The natural oil from the scalp takes more than usual time to descend the hair which means your hair will never get the natural oil of the scalp if you over shampoo your hair. How frequently you can shampoo your hair? Once a week is good enough or else when your hair feels greasy.

Mistake #2 – Over Drying Wet Hair

Remember, wet hair makes the hair more brittle and prone to damage. Instead of rubbing your hair against the towel vigorously, wrap it around your hair and let the towel absorb the moisture. Use a hairbrush to detangle it before combing it. Also, such hair requires a lot of conditioners to keep them tangle-free and soft. Since the natural oil is not enough for the entire volume of the hair, take at least a palmful of conditioner while conditioning. We also recommend Mesmara Argan hair serum to treat your hair fizziness and damage repair. 

Mistake #3 – Using Wrong Hairbrush

Avoid using the regular hairbrush to comb your hair. The regular hairbrush is not designed to manage your thick hair and the bristles may break. Use a thick bristled hairbrush that can help you comb and detangle your hair easily. 

Mistake #4 – Being Afraid to Try Different Styles

Most girls think that only a straight or blunt hair cut suits voluminous hair because such hair often behaves unpredictably. Don’t be afraid of trying out different haircuts that you love to wear. If you feel too much of hair weight, try out layer cut – a haircut technique that reduces the inner volume of the hair giving a smart chick look. 

Mistake #5 – Being Impatient with Your Hair

Thick hair takes a lot of time for styling. Be it a voluminous side braid or a braided bun, there is no doubt that styling hair needs time and patience. Keep that in mind and set aside a few extra minutes to style it appropriately for the occasion. 

Bonus Tip for Daily Hair Care Routine for Indian Hair

Try Mesmara Epsom salt to bring in beachy waves in your thick hair. Make a mix with Epsom salt and water and store it in a spray bottle. Give a spritz whenever you need to sport that wavy hairstyle. Alternatively, you can also use it as a detox bath for your thick hair.  Incorporate these healthy hair habits in your thick hair care routine to manage your hair naturally. 










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