6 Beauty Secrets Of Hollywood Stars

Beauty secrets of Hollywood stars

How many times it happened to you… looking at the picture of a Hollywood stars and sighed deeply… wish you had the same beauty to die for? If you can relate to this, then you’re just not alone. There are many women out there just like you who think alike and long for flawless skin or that picture-perfect hair or the right figure. Keeping all you lovely ladies in mind, we are leaking some of the beauty secrets of Hollywood stars.

1. Kim Kardashian beauty secret: Daily workout

There is no brainer that good skin begins with following a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. The style icon Kim Kardashian reinforces the same idea too. Her mantra to her fitness and beauty is daily workouts. She advocates that regular work out; a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle help to release the “feel-good hormones”. She indulges herself in high-intensity cardio regularly. 

2. Miranda Ker beauty secret: Organic skincare product

The famous Hollywood celebrity Miranda Ker is a strong promoter of organic skincare products. She believes that long-term use of organic skincare products helps to achieve beautiful and glowing skin as they usually don’t have any harmful side-effects. At Mesara we manufacture awesome organic products that are completely natural and devoid of any synthetic products. You can safely include our raw butter, scrubs, masks, serum, and bath salt in your daily skincare for flawless skin.

3. Halle Berry beauty secret: Coffee grounds

Along with her amazing acting skills, Halle Berry is envied for our gorgeous skin too. But do you know her beauty secrets? Coffee grounds! Halle Berry uses coffee grounds to exfoliate her dead skin and prevent cellulite. Coffee grounds help to exfoliate the dead skin gently while the caffeine in the coffee helps to increase the blood flow. It also helps in water retention so your skin stays hydrated at all times. The best way to use coffee grounds is to mix it with your body wash – just the way Halle does it!

4. Shakira beauty secret: Baby SPF

Now, who doesn’t know Shakira and her cool moves? But how many of us know her beauty secrets? Shakira knows how important it is to save her skin from the sun. Like all of us she counts on her sunscreen too but not the usual adult sunscreen. She uses baby SPF which gives better coverage from adult sunscreen. Now we bet you didn’t know this, did you?

5. Catherine Zeta beauty secret: Beer

Yes, you read that right. Catherine Zeta vouch beer for her luscious brown locks. The fact that beer rinse gives a soft glow to hair has been known for a long. The vitamin B and amino acid and alcohol help to remove the build-up from the hair. Try the goodness of beer wash at home. Shampoo your hair then douche it with beer and cover with a shower cap. Leave it for five minutes and then wash your hair.

6. Lady Gaga beauty secret: Tape

Have you ever wondered how Lady Gaga manages to keep all the glitters on her face without falling off? The answer is the tape. If you too want to try it out, use the fabric tape, especially if you have sensitive skin! 

Hope you find these beauty secrets useful and pamper yourself to have a bit of “Hollywood kind” beauty!


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