5 Tips For Healthy Skin In Children Under 10

healthy skin in children

Tips for Healthy Skin in Children Under 10

Your children are your most precious beings and you focus all your energy to make sure they get the best that you can provide for. They are your best investment for the future.  But, more often than you like, your kids get the better of you and emotionally get you to relent into a lot of things. While it is easy to get carried away, it is important that you are aware of the long-term impacts and take the right decision. Skincare for children is as important as it is for adults, especially for kids under 10 years of age. This is going on to last a lifetime. Here are tips for healthy skin in children under 10. Every little help counts and awareness of what works for the most is equally important.


It is one of the most important aspects of your child’s development and health.  Right from pregnancy, there is specific emphasis on what should be eaten, how much to be eaten and at what intervals. This is mainly to ensure the baby is healthy when born. You must have often heard the term ‘soft as a baby’ and that speaks volumes on the texture, their plumpness, and suppleness in their skin. 

As babies get older, they tend to lose that beautiful skin, but this can be delayed just like everything. The food must be the right mix of veggies, meat, fruits, and nuts. All kids need to stay away from processed and junk food as much as possible. The trans fats in these types of food products are harmful to kids and lead to long term impacts.


You all know babies sleep for most parts of the day, but this reduces over time. Timely sleep with consistency in regime is key. Sleep is a healing mechanism for the body, and this is the same reason why critically ill patients are sent to medically induced sleep allowing the body to recover faster.  Apart from physical recovery, sleep helps children develop their brain’s cognitive processing power. Finally, after a good nap, the stress hormone cortisol reduces which helps in skin repair. It also promotes collagen that helps increase the strength of the skin.

Go Natural

Always use organic products that do not have traces of chemicals and artificially prepared perfumes. Off late a lot of children suffer from skin-related allergies and rashes just due to overexposure to commercial and chemical products. 

Try to keep the soaps as mild as possible and for post-bath moisturizers, use virgin coconut or olive oil for natural moisturizing.  Use cocoa butter or shea butter, additionally for body massaging the children. 

Even with respect to clothes, always go with natural fibres. During summers, keep them clothed in pure cotton or linen clothes. These are friendly to the skin and are good at absorbing sweat. During winters, again try to use natural wool for warm clothing. 

More Time Outdoors 

Most of you are overly sensitive about your children and try and keep them indoors. But remember, it is important for them to step out and learn to adapt to the surrounding weather. This increases the immunity and makes them more resilient. Also being out in the sun improves vitamin D absorption which in turn improves calcium levels in the body. This has a direct impact on the quality of skin and bones.


Hydration is important for skin; also, it needs to be hydrated internally. This can only be achieved by drinking enough water over regular intervals. Without a good water drinking regime, the skin turns dry and can easily crack and feel stretched.  

Parents’ love for their child is shown in many different ways. Some of your actions may not be appreciated straightaway by your kids, but they all add up in providing for the perfect environment. A good skincare regime now will allow kids to cherish a healthy skin texture throughout their life. 


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