5 Unique Gifting Ideas For Diwali – Show That You Care!

unique gifting ideas for Diwali

The tradition of Diwali is celebrated every year across the country as a festival of lights. Almost everyone prepares much before the actual evening of Diwali. An interesting fact that many of you may not know is that during this festival a lot of communities start off their rituals by giving respect to Ravana. Often portrayed as an evil character, he was also the most learned person during his time. These rituals are to recognize this man of erudition before going on to celebrate Rama and his victory. A tradition that has become an intrinsic part of the festival is gifting. While most will end up exchanging gifts with the usual items like sweets, dry fruits or clothes, we would like you to stand out. We are suggesting some cool gifting ideas which will say how you care for the person and show your concern and love for mother nature.

Unique Gifting Ideas

Gifting idea #1: Jute/ Bamboo Hampers

Our world has been engulfed by the menace of plastic and it is high time we do our bit to put an end to it. Every little effort counts and let’s start with eco-friendly packaging. A lot of elegant options are available where hampers are made from bamboo or jute products. This will be a perfect way to say how you care. 

Gifting idea #2: Terracotta Planters

We need to increase the number of plants and trees around us especially when the levels of pollution are increasing. Beautiful and artistic terracotta planters are now available across the country. Use this opportunity to be different with beautiful planters that have gorgeous flowering plants. Even better is if you gift plants like rubber plants, spider plants, etc. that purify the toxic air around us. 

Gifting idea #3: Beauty Products

Mesmara has a wide range of completely organic and natural products. Choose from the variety available, ranging from body butter to skin and hair care products and wrap them in handmade paper, before putting them in eco-friendly hampers. Let your friends and family prepare their face pack and hair mask and rediscover their beauty.
Mesmara’s most popular and best selling essential oils are wonderful gifting choices. You can also shop Mesmara essential oils on Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Shopclues, and Purplle.

Gifting idea #4: Edible Cutlery

Sounds interesting already? The latest innovation in biodegradable cutlery, edible cutlery can be sent to the landfill with no guilt associated and it can be eaten too. Made from millets and grains, they are strong enough to be used to eat food and have soup. To add, it comes in interesting flavours.  So, when you know this festival, there are going to be a lot of parties, what better than gifting this to your friends and family. 

Gifting idea #5: Steel/Glassware

Encourage your friends and family to steer away from plastics. We often find a lot of us use prepackaged water when we step out or even at home. A lot of these end up in landfills and take forever to decompose. It is a good time to change this. Gift them with reusable bottles made from glass or steel. There is an amazing range for these products in the market. There are ornate ranges that are specially prepared for festive gifting. 

Diwali celebrates our journey towards becoming better and reinforces our belief that good things will follow with our conscious efforts to improve. So, let’s start a movement that befits this occasion by changing ourselves and our close ones to be more respectful to our mother, our nature, our earth. Follow our unique gifting ideas to enjoy a Happy Diwali!


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