9 Best Dry Fruits For Healthy Skin

dry fruits for healthy skin

Best Dry Fruits for Healthy Skin

Most of you know that the nutty, crunchy fruits, that we call dry fruits are good for health. Do note, other than killing hunger pangs with fibres, essential fats and proteins, these under-rated nutritious snacks are also responsible for making skin smooth and supple and giving it a natural glow. To top it off, their availability does not depend on any specific season. Whether it is almonds, walnuts, pistachios, cashews, all of these offer something special that adds quality and texture of healthy skin. Dry fruits are loaded with vitamins such as A, C and E, and minerals like copper, zinc among other healthy compounds that help in a glowing, smoother looking skin. Lets take a look at what are the best dry fruits for healthy skin. 

#1 Cashew

Cashew nuts are packed with niacin also known as nicotinic acid. It works as an inhibition against various skin disorders. Copper found in cashew nuts helps the skin rejuvenate making it glow free of radicals. Other benefits include the protection of the skin from dermatitis and pigmentation.

Cashews are also known to have acne-fighting nutrients. They are high in selenium that acts as an antioxidant with vitamin E. It leaves behind a hydrated skin and reduced inflammation. Zinc present in them promotes immune function for healing and cell growth that renews and replenishes infected or damaged acne zones.

#2 Almonds

Almonds are used almost everywhere, from savouries to snacks and desserts. They are packed with essential fatty acids, protein, and fibre. Whether it is almonds as dry fruits or almond oil, it has numerous benefits for the skin. Almonds effectively reduce inflammation and moisturize the skin.

If used in face packs, almonds work as the best skin whitener. It improves the skin’s complexion and prevents it from looking dull. Regular use of almonds in daily diet maintains the skin’s overall health. Almonds also provide vitamin E that keeps the blood vessels dilated to keep the skin hydrated. It further defends the skin against conditions like acne, eczema and dark spots.

#3 Walnuts

Walnuts play a vital role in the nourishment of the skin; thus, they are the ideal dry fruits for skincare. They are a rich source of proteins, vitamins and minerals that enhances the beauty of the skin. They keep the skin free of infections.

The presence of omega-3 fatty acids adds to walnuts’ anti-inflammatory properties. Almonds may be slightly bitter in flavour, still, a handful of these nuts can boost vitamin B levels. Vitamin B is particularly responsible for boosting your skin health by keeping age-related fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

#4 Pistachio

Are you combating dryness of your skin? Pistachios are your solution; they are meant to eliminate the dryness in the skin. This nut contains healthy fat which makes it an ideal dry fruit to be used in traditional therapies like aromatherapy and various other massage therapies. 

The antioxidants in pistas decrease acne growth as they control blood sugar levels that circulate the acne-causing hormone androgen. It gives the skin youthful radiance and glows.

#5 Dates

Dates are a good source of vitamin C and thus enhancing the skin’s elasticity. It also supplements the subcutaneous glands making skin fairer, smoother and tenderer. Besides, it helps in decreasing the fine lines and wrinkles on the facial skin and prevents the accumulation of melanin in your body.

Regular consumption of dates also reduces the appearance of acne scars and stretch marks. You can apply a mixture of mashed dates and honey to the concerned areas to get desirable results. Studies have shown that dates can also be a great help in combating skin disorders.

#6 Dried Figs

Dry figs give a tight competition to any other face creams and packs if you want fairer skin. You can mash figs with curd and apply it as a facial pack. It de-tans the skin and gives it a fairer tone immediately. They are rich in antioxidants, thus dried figs act as a booster for healthy glowing skin. Figs can be directly applied to the skin to bring down various forms of skin inflammation like boils and abscess.

#7 Raisins

An antioxidant substance called resveratrol that slows down the aging of the skin is present in abundance in raisins. It also prevents the process of skin sagging. It is rich in vitamin A, potassium and other nutrients that are beneficial for an overall healthy body.

This tiny, easily available low-cost dry fruit even purifies the blood. This property helps it keep acne and pimples away from the skin.

#8 Brazil Nuts

Another successful contender in this category is brazil nuts. They help maintain shining skin. Brazil nuts are loaded with magnesium and they have a high content of antioxidants that fight against the free radicals that make the skin’s aging process faster.

Just like walnuts, brazil nuts are also packed with omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore, these nuts are a great source of selenium, which is responsible for improving skin elasticity. Regular consumption relieves inflammation like pimples and acne. It produces glutathione that is known to keep skin healthy and hydrated.

#9 Peanuts

Peanuts are a vital source of protein and an integral part of the Indian diet. These India-based nuts contain vital nutrients for the wellness of the skin texture. Undoubtedly, with its proteins, antioxidants and vitamin E, it is the perfect dry fruit diet for the skin to fight against free radicals.

If you haven’t already added these nuts in your daily diet, do it soon to get a naturally glowing and healthy skin. You can either consume dry fruit juice every morning before breakfast or simply add a handful of these delights every day in your diet and witness the marked difference. 


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  1. Healthy Master says:

    Dry fruits such as Almonds, Cashews, Amaranth, Pistachios, and Jackfruit are loaded with essential oils, proteins, potassium, calcium that helps to increase your immunity. Also the presence of antioxidants in it can help you to fight against various infections and illnesses. Dry fruits Flavored nuts are excellent for weight loss if you eat them moderately. All dry fruits and nuts make for a good snack.

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