9 Useful Tips For Skincare During Travel

skincare during travel

Tips for Skincare during Travel

Whether you’re traveling for a holiday or business, your skin faces a toll from exposure to harmful UV rays, dust, and pollution. On top of that, your daily skincare regime takes a backseat because of the hectic schedule. While it is difficult to maintain the usual skincare routine, here we have got some easy travel skincare tips for you that are easy to follow. A 5-minute travel skincare routine will keep your skin fresh and glowing as always. 

  1. No matter what, wash your skin at least two times a day. Traveling involves a lot of outdoor exposure which means your skin is not spared. Washing it twice a day will keep it dirt and oil-free.
  2. Make friends with makeup wipes and cleanser if you love wearing your makeup during holidays. Wipe it off and keep a small pack of cleanser handy to remove all your makeup. This will help your skin to breathe easy. If you wish to avoid the harmful chemical products, create your travel cleanser pack for skincare on the go. Take a small clean bottle and add Mesmara rose petal powder in it. Add enough water to dissolve the powder and mix well. Your antioxidant rich herbal cleanser is ready!
  3. Don’t forget your sunscreen especially if you are planning to spend a lot of outdoor time, especially on the beach.
  4. Keeping your skin hydrated while traveling is very important to maintain the natural freshness of the skin. Drink lots of water and fluid to keep the body and the skin hydrated. Along with this, make a quick moisturiser with Mesmara aloe vera powder and rose water and carry it along with you. 
  5. If you’re traveling for a longer duration, using a peel or a mask once a week is a great idea. The Mesmara activated charcoal peel-off mask helps to remove blackheads and detoxifies the skin. It also helps to tighten the pore so that your skin stays fresh for a long time.
  6.  A facial mist spray is a fantastic way to keep your skin hydrated. You will find it handy if you are traveling to a cooler space or if you have a dry and combination skin type. When sprayed on your face, it hydrates and keeps your face moisturised throughout the day. 
  7.  Keep it simple. Skincare while traveling may seem to be a gruelling task, but if you keep it simple you will stick to it. 
  8.  Carry small bottles of cleanser, moisturiser, toner, mask/peel, and scrubber so that you don’t need to add extra weight in your luggage. 
  9.  When you step in to shower in a hotel, you might get tempted using the soap, shampoos and moisturizes provided by the hotel. You may be excited to try them out, but remember, the products are not meant to address any particular skin type or problem. Avoid using them especially if you have sensitive skin or if you are allergic to any particular product. Stick to your products that you are carrying with you.

Take care of your skin while traveling and your skin will thank you later!


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