4 Beautiful Looks For Navratri – Go Gorgeous!

Beautiful looks for Navratri

Ladies, you are already there! The most sought-after festival for the Hindus in the whole year called Navratri has started. Most devout followers exercise abstinence and worship the nine avatars of Durga, every day for nine days. It is also a celebration of the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil demon Mahishasura. Most importantly, it is a celebration of the feminine divinity, the ultimate shakti. It’s the time to celebrate with beautiful looks for Navratri.

While the essence of the celebration remains the same, different parts of India celebrate it differently. Three variants of celebrating Navratri are very famous throughout India, Durga Puja in the Eastern part of India, the famous Garba Dancing through the night, and the Ravan Vadh on Dussehra night bring the Navratri season to a close. 

It’s time for you to celebrate yourselves and make sure you are looking your best in these nine days. Let’s get into the act now and be the showstopper of the event. We bring for you four beautiful looks for Navratri.

Beautiful Looks For Navratri

#1: Gowns Are Gorgeous!

A right-fitting gown accentuates the body shape. Choosing a colour shade is going to be equally important. While the fair-skinned typically can carry a lot more colours, the red is something that never is wrong for anyone. Moreover, it goes well with our dusky body tone. 

Instead of the simple single coloured gowns, the season is all about flaunting the earthy ethnic prints. Match it with a cherry lipstick, add some bounce to your hairstyle and high heels. This magical combination will give you rave looks. Everyone will be stealing a second look. 

#2: Dazzling Lehenga Cholis

The Indian long skirt is the lehenga, but when paired with a choli or a crop top blouse, you look out of the world. This is befitting for a ceremonial occasion like Navratri. Pick one which has rich embellishments adorned on to it. Intricate embroidery often paired with brocade work makes it look royal and this is the season to look the best.

For women who are skinny or extremely fit, they can choose both high-waist and low-waist variants. And for larger women, who are conscious about their size, try the high waist variant and match with a blouse which extends to the lehenga. In case you are wearing a low-waist variant, you can use your dupatta in many different styles to cover up the flab.

We have often seen our Bollywood divas carry them in style and this is the time when you flaunt them on the dandiya floor. The swirl of the lehenga during your dance moves will make you look pretty and at the same time sensuous. It is one dress that suits all sizes and age groups.

Wear chunky bracelets or a lot of mirror bangles and high heels for a finishing touch and now let the music do the magic.  

#3: Sensational Sarees

Sarees have always been a trademark of our ethnicity. It is so deep-rooted, that you cannot think of not having one. And, there is hardly anyone who is not mesmerized by the beauty of this dress. 

With so many varieties around, it often becomes a challenge to choose, but some never go out of season. 

The classic Gorod silk saree is the pick for the Durga puja season. This one with high necklines and a long-sleeved blouse is going to be a head-turner. If Gorod is not your take, you can look at other traditional variants but try them with long sleeves or sleeveless. 

You may also try the floral print on a pastel base giving a muted, yet sensuous touch. While there are many rich variants, some may want more. 

Appliqued Net sarees are new ones that are taking the fashion world by storm. You will definitely make a statement in this saree. 

#4: Backless Cholis

A smooth and flawless back just increases the sex appeal by several notches. Hence, a backless choli is full of oomph and is a non-negotiable item of this Navratri.  

There are several varieties but the sheer back blouse and the Gujrati blouse with just strings are the ones you can opt for. 

As you step into the room or the dance arena, everyone is going to be staring into you, so you need to be bold and naughty enough to love this attention. Before putting on any of these looks, try our various natural skin exfoliators and the active charcoal mask to give you the look you desire for. 

So ladies, hope you have had your beauty nap and pampered your skin and hair enough. Now with these beautiful looks for Navratri, you will truly be celebrated. 


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