Know More About Rosehip Seed Oil – Benefits And Uses

rosehip seed carrier oil

Rosehip is the fruit of a rose plant. Oil extracted from this fruit is known as rosehip oil. It is extracted from certain species of rose, like Rosa canina (dog rose). Rosa canina grows in Europe and South Africa. Rosehip oil is also obtained from Rosa moschata and Rosa rubiginosa. It can be used as it is or as a carrier oil for other essential oils. Rosehip is available in a powder form too. Let us know more about rosehip seed oil.

Know more about rosehip seed oil

Is rosehip seed oil an essential oil or a carrier oil?

Rosehip oil is dry and non-greasy. So it can be used directly on the body and also as a carrier oil for essential oils. Do you want to know more about rosehip seed oil? Let us begin.

Benefits of rosehip seed oil and powder

Rosehip is nutrient-rich. It contains vitamins B, C, and E. It also has good fatty acids. All these together make it good for skin and hair. Rosehip also has medicinal properties.

  1. Reduces arthritis pain: Rosehip can be used in the powder form for arthritis pain relief. You can drink it as a tea by mixing with water or apple juice. It is also available in capsule form.
  2. Anti-ageing properties: Rosehip contains carotenoids, vitamins B, C, and E, as well as polyphenols. It prevents cell damage and early signs of ageing. It has been shown by research studies that it also helps in cell growth.
  3. Boosts immune system: Rosehip is a potent antibacterial and antiviral agent. Internal use boosts the immune system. External use protects the skin cells from damage.
  4. Preserves skin elasticity: Rosehip helps preserve skin elasticity. It reduces fine wrinkles around the eyes. It also helps improve skin moisture after 8 weeks of treatment.
  5. Synthesis and restoration of collagen: Rosehip stimulates the production of collagen. Thus it preserves elasticity and skin tone.
  6. Reduces and prevents dark spots: The formation of the skin pigment melanin is known as melanogenesis. This process is inhibited by methanolic extract present in rosehip. Thus rosehip helps in reducing dark spots, ageing spots, and pregnancy scars.

How to use rosehip oil?

  1. Direct use: You can use rosehip oil daily as a direct moisturizer. Massage a few drops of rosehip oil directly into your face and neck area. Do this slowly and thoroughly. It can be used as a night oil too.
  2. Combination use with other products: Blend rosehip oil with either your regular moisturizer or foundation. Apply all over the face and neck to hydrate on a daily basis.
  3. Before applying other face products: Apply rosehip oil on your face at night before using your favourite serum. This will help carry the serum to deeper skin levels.
  4. Rosehip oil for removing eye makeup: Rosehip oil can be very useful to remove makeup around the delicate eye area. It prevents wrinkle formation and retains elasticity, Just apply a few drops on a cotton ball and dab on the eye area.
  5. Rosehip oil for preventing and treating stretch marks: Apply directly on the skin where there are stretch marks. Use as often as possible during pregnancy to avoid getting stretch marks.
  6. Rosehip carrier oil as a hair mask: Whip up an avocado with around 15 drops of rosehip oil. Apply on the scalp and hair as a mask. Wash after 20 minutes. It acts as a scalp invigorator and soother.

Things to remember:

Rosehip can interfere with the action of certain drugs like aspirin. Those using birth control pills should avoid using rosehip products. Some might develop an allergic reaction to it. Though side effects are rare, it is always a good idea to share your supplement usage with your doctor.

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