5 Healthy Habits To Adopt For Healthy Hair

healthy habits for healthy hair

The modern era has brought about a change in almost everything – for better and for worse. Industrialization has helped mankind a lot, but on the flip side it has increased pollution. Pesticides and insecticides have increased food production, but they have made our food less healthy. Natural hair care products have been replaced with easy-to-use shampoos, but they are causing hair damage. Pollution and lack of proper nutrients in food, along with the use of chemicals for hair care, is taking a toll on our hair health. This is really the time to know and adopt healthy habits for healthy hair

5 Healthy Habits to Adopt for Healthy Hair

Right from following a good hair care routine, using good hair care products, and following a healthy lifestyle – every step is important for owning healthy hair. Our tips for you can serve as a guide to healthy hair.

Tip #1 – Maintain cleanliness of hair and scalp:

The scalp produces sebum, an oily secretion, to nourish and protect the hair roots and to provide moisture. Both overproduction and under-production of sebum are not good. In order to maintain the balance, it is necessary to maintain a good cleansing routine. Washing your hair regularly with an organic or natural shampoo is the best way to protect your scalp. Chemical-based shampoos tend to strip away the vital moisture from the scalp. They can also damage the outer cuticle layer of hair. Application of herbal powders will not only clean the scalp but also help in hair growth and revitalization. Mesmara offers a wide range of herbal powders. You can learn more about using herbal powders for hair in our previous blogs.

Tip #2 – Maintain health from within:

Hair care is not only about using healthy hair products. It is also about maintaining health from within. Following a disciplined, healthy lifestyle will help both mentally and physically. Inner well-being reflects externally as glowing skin and lustrous hair. Eat a lot of fruits and fresh vegetables containing antioxidants. Consuming herbal powders like amla, bitter gourd, neem, and jamun helps to detox and purify the blood. They also boost immunity and prevent hair fall. Add a lot of greens (read vitamins and minerals) as well as yogurt (read probiotics) to your daily diet.

Tip #3 – Be careful with heat

We all know that over-exposure to UV rays can be harmful to skin. Similar is the case with hair too. Excessive heat loosens the hair follicles and dries out the scalp. Wear protective head covering while out in the sun for long periods of time. Avoid excessive use of hair dryers on high heat, instead just blow dry or use a towel. Limit hot iron usage for hair styling.

Tip #4 – Avoid tight hairstyles

It is very important to limit tight hairstyles. Twisting and tying the hair in an overly tight manner leads to baldness in the long run (traction alopecia). It also breaks the baby hairs in the hairline. Wear the hair in a simple ponytail or straight plait before going to bed.

Tip #5 – Keep the scalp and hair moist

Deep conditioning the hair on a regular basis helps retain the required moisture in the scalp. A dry scalp will lead to conditions like dandruff and dermatitis. Using herbal products and essential oils to condition your hair will help keep it healthy in the long run. Read our articles on hair care to get a better insight on how to use these products.

A healthy mane is a sign of good health and hormonal balance. Maintain a healthy “you” to get that beautiful look!


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