6 Ways To Protect Your Hair Colour From Fading

protect your hair colour

It costs big bucks to get your hair coloured and what’s the point if you got to keep going back. Even when you choose the strongest and deepest of shades, the fact of the matter remains that your hair colour is going to fade away. Hence, the constant endeavour has been around delaying the process. The concern is more severe if you have been indulging in chemical colouring for a while as it affects your ability to hold it on for longer. These chemicals do weaken your strands and they are unable to hold the colours fast. So, are you looking for ways to protect your hair colour from fading?

What is one supposed to do? We suggest a very dedicated hair care routine that will help you keep the colours longer. 

#1 – Say Yes to Natural Colours

The word to note is “natural”. These are non-damaging organically produced colours that not just give you the new look, they even take care of the hair and scalp. They are packed with the necessary nutrients that bolster hair health. With healthier hair, your colours will stay longer. 

#2 – Stay Away from Sunlight

This is easier said than done and yet the impact of sunlight on colour is very strong. Especially if you step out when the UV rays are at their peak, the chances are you are going to lose the shade strength faster than anticipated. 

Always try and cover your hair with a fashionable hat or a simple scarf. This will go a long way.

#3 – Minimise the Times You Wash Hair

The more you wash your hair, the quicker you lose your hair colour. Regardless of the shampoo and conditioner you use, they take away the shade bit by bit.  Stay away from pollution, keep your head covered as much as possible. This itself will reduce the need to wash away the grime and dust. 

Another important factor here is to extend the time between colouring and shampooing. As you get the colour into your hair, it takes time for the colour to settle down. Also, the hair cuticle which was forced open by the colour ingredients needs time to close up. If you step into the shower too soon, there is a chance that you wash away the colour pigment rather than just the grime. 

#4 – Limit Warm Hair Washes

While washing your hair with hot water may seem to be a much better way to clean your scalp, they work against it when seen in reference to hair colour. So, try and keep the water cool as much as possible.

#5 – Avoid Hair Dryers

Hairdryers blow hot air, an attempt to dry up quickly. The heat is again not your hair colour’s best friend. Just like sunlight, the heat fades away the colours faster. Hence, you must try to air dry your hair and keep the hot dryer at bay to protect your hair colour from fading.  For folks who have an oily scalp, the hot air just adds to the problem and makes it prone to excessive sebum secretion at the roots. This will lead to more baths and eventually, they are doing the damage you want to reduce. 

#6 – Increase Hydration

Colour works best on a healthy hair strand. Ensure you have had a good hair wash. If possible, indulge in a hair spa or hair mask to give it the necessary boost before you head out to the salon for your colour.  

It is recommended that you follow these tips and ingrain them as a part of your daily hair routine. You will thank us for saving your hair, colour, and money too. 

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