10 Signs That Tell You To Start A Trusted Beauty Regime

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It’s a fact that our beauty doesn’t last forever. But a trusted beauty regime helps us to maintain soft glowing skin for many years to come. If you have ignored skincare routine order till now, then watch out for these 10 signs that tell you to start with a trusted beauty regime now!

10 signs that tell you to start a trusted beauty regime

These small signs speak ample about your skin health. Keep an eye out for them. Identifying them early could help not only keeping your skin healthy and young, but also can keep you at bay from longer and deeper ill-effects.

 Sign 1: Breakouts and pimples

Getting occasional one or two pimples is okay and normal, especially during the menstrual periods when there is a hormonal surge in the body. However, if you are regularly getting breakouts, it is most likely that your skin is not cleaned properly and the pores are getting infected with bacteria.

Solution: Make it a routine to clean your face daily with a gentle face wash followed by a deep cleansing with a cleanser. Scrub your face once a week with Mesmara rejuvenating face scrub or Mesmara detox face scrub. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin too after deep cleansing.

 Sign 2: Pigmentation

Anxious about the newly developing skin pigmentation? Patches of uneven skin tone is a tell-tale sign that you need to start a daily skincare routine at home. 

Solution: Start using Mesmara depigmentation face mask to remove hyperpigmentation and even out your skin tone. The product is free of mineral oil, paraben, and preservatives and hence you can use it safely. If you have sensitive skin, start using it once or twice a week.

Sign 3: Overstocked wardrobe

If your wardrobe is already stocked with tons of half-filled bottles of lotion and moisturizers, then probably it is time to stick to one that suits your skin. Watch out carefully for all the products you have used so far. What you didn’t like about it? Did you get any sensitivity reaction while using them? Which ones worked for you? Stick to the ones that work for you and keep it simple. 

Solution: A face scrub, cleanser, and moisturizer are good, to begin with.

Sign 4: Too oily skin

Keeping your skin hydrated is important to maintain the soft and natural look. But are you over-moisturizing? Is your skin excessively oily? Using a moisturizer doesn’t mean your skin needs to look excessively oily. 

Solution: If that is what you are noticing, then switch to a water-based product that hydrates without leaving excess oil on your skin. This will help to control your sebum content while still keeping your epidermis moist and hydrated. Here is a shea butter face mask recipe to check out.  

Sign 5: Excessively dry skin

While over-moisturizing is not good for your skin, excessive skin draught is not good either. If you are using a product that is making your skin excessively dry and if you are noting skin flaking, it is probably time to switch your product.

Solution: Opt for some mild products that are not too acidic. At Mesmara, we have some amazing natural body butter that is mild and natural skin moisturizer. Use it as it is or try our body butter recipes to make your body butter for moisturizing.

Sign 6: Skin allergies

Are you often developing rashes, red spots, pimples, and breakouts? If there is no change in your otherwise daily routine, then it is probable that you might need to examine your beauty products.

Solution: Harsh chemicals can cause rashes and allergies. To find out the culprit, start with a patch test in your elbow. Eliminate harsh chemical products and welcome natural products in your beauty regimen to follow. 

Sign 7: Burning sensation

Are you getting a burning or stinging sensation in your skin after applying your beauty products? Watch out! No good product should give that kind of sensation to your skin. Burning and stinging sensation occurs only when a beauty product is loaded with harmful chemicals your skin is sensitive to.

Solution: Switch to daily skincare routine at home by using natural and herbal products. Don’t forget to do a patch test on your elbow before starting with any new beauty products. 

Sign 8: Problem with makeup

If you’re a makeup person, then you will probably know that makeup appears and feels its best when applied on a well-maintained and hydrated skin. If your skin is dry, flaky, oily with or without pigmentation and blemishes then your makeup won’t feel and appear good.

Solution: Follow a healthy skincare routine daily. Check out our article on morning skin care routine one should adopt. 

Sign 9: Sun burns or tanning

Your skin might have white or reddish patches especially in exposed areas like arms. These could be sun burns. Sunscreen is essential even if you are not stepping out in the sun. Your skin gets constantly exposed to harmful sun rays even while you are indoors. 

Solution: Choose a sunscreen that is with SPF 50+ if you go out in the sun regularly. A a sunscreen lotion with SPF 30+ when you are mostly. indoors.

Sign 10: Dull and lifeless skin

Is your skin looking dull and lifeless? Then the root cause may be missing to tone the skin. We usually restrict our skincare routine steps to scrubbing, cleansing, and moisturising and often neglect toning. 

Solution: Toners are no longer just an alcoholic liquid that is meant to remove excess oil. Toner is a light liquid that helps as a supplement. Don’t forget to add it in your beauty routine checklist. 

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