6 Home Remedies For Dandruff Free Hair

Home remedies for dandruff free hair

Most often, dandruff is one of the top issues on the list of hair problems. It gives an ungainly sight on the clothes you wear; it leaves you itchy and often gives a feeling of embarrassment. Not to mention, every time you are using your fingers and nails to scratch your scalp, it is increasing the chances of infection. Over time it will be a cause of scalp infections and consequently lead to hair fall. So, it’s best managed as soon as possible. The good news is that there is an abundant spread of options available in the marketplace. While most of them are medicated solutions to apply, you will always swear our natural products. Here are some simple and completely natural home remedies for dandruff free hair.

Home Remedies for Dandruff Free Hair

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon is brilliant at solving dandruff issues and most importantly it is one of the most common ingredients available at home. Hence, it is one of the best home remedies for dandruff free hair. Not only does it remove stubborn dandruff, but the acidity in the lemon also removes the excess oiliness in the scalp. It has antibacterial properties which help keep infections at bay. 

It is equally easy to prepare, just squeeze a couple of lemons into a bowl and dilute it with a slight amount of water. Use this to rinse your hair and scalp daily. You can also use lemon peel powder to fight dandruff. Make a smooth paste of peel powder and water and apply it directly to the scalp. It is the best remedy for a clean dandruff-free scalp.

2. Onion Juice

Surely you are thinking, we are having a joke at our expense. However, don’t be surprised to know that onions have very strong antimicrobial properties. While onions have a strong odour, they are very efficient at managing dandruff. 

Take a small onion and blend it into a pulp. Squeeze the juice off pulp using a clean muslin cloth. Take about 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil and add 5-6 drops of onion juice to it.  If the odour is too strong, reduce to 2-3 drops. Apply the mixture onto your scalp and make sure to gently massage it all over. Leave it on for a few hours before washing it off using a gentle shampoo.  Use multiple times in a week and soon you’ll see that your scalp feels much soothed and signs of dandruff gone.

3. Oil Massage 

Nothing beats a good old head massage with the right oil. Now by the right oil we mean the virgin cold pressed coconut or olive oil or even the famous Jojoba oil. The three are champions in their own right as they are one of the best moisturisers, have antibacterial properties and are hypoallergenic. 

So, get yourself a good massage towards the end of your day, sleep with it allowing all the goodness to work its magic. Next day wash it off with your usual shampoo. You will be amazed both by the simplicity of the process and the quick results. 

If you want to enhance the experience, please do indulge in some of our essential oils.  We suggest Tea Tree oil, lemongrass or rosemary oil from our store. These are very potent and hence do add only a few drops into coconut, olive or jojoba oil before massaging into the scalp. 

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Just like Lemon, apple cider vinegar is known to have extensive health benefits. The benefits range from weight control to beauty fixes. In the case of hair, it helps with reducing scalp irritation and reduces the signs of dandruff or its relapse. The vinegar is acidic, and this helps in the removal of dead skin cells from the scalp. It also helps manage the pH balance of the skin and consequently reduces the growth of microbes.

It is easy to find in the local marketplace and needs little or no preparation to use. Massage a few drops of this vinegar directly on your scalp and leave it for around 30 mins before washing it off. 

5. Multani Mitti Hair Pack

Multani mitti helps in restoring skin and hair health. You all have been using it as a face pack to enhance your skin tone. Similarly, it can be used on the hair to improve the hair texture and make it dandruff free. Multani mitti is a great cleansing agent and helps balance the oiliness of the scalp. This behaviour helps it remove excess dirt, sebum and control dandruff. 

Apply a thick paste of multani mitti and a few drops of lemon juice or apple cider at least 2-3 times a week. Make sure you do not wash this off immediately, instead leave it for 10-15 mins. It will need a good gentle wash to take off all the multani mitti, however, the results will leave your satisfied.

6. Orange Peel Pack

Orange peel is another recommended dandruff remedy. The citric acid cuts through excess oiliness and cleans up the clogged pores. The antimicrobial properties keep your scalp disease-free. While it cures, it leaves a very nice fruity fragrance. 

Blend an orange peel with some water to make a consistent paste. You may choose to apply this directly onto your hair and scalp or may add a few drops of lemon juice or a few drops of essential oils.  Let this work for 20-30 mins before you head into the shower. In times when you do not have a fresh orange peel, you can use our orange peel powder. A couple of tablespoons in a small bowl of water is good enough to give you the same outcome. 

Never has it been so easy to give a remedy for a problem that has been relapsing and haunting individuals forever. We strongly recommend trying these out for yourself and we are confident that you will not go back to the off the shelf ready to use chemical products. 

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